How We Spent Our Spring Break

How We Spent Our Spring Break

How did we spend our spring break? Unlike most, we didn’t go to some far away place. Instead, we chose to have what is known as a staycation. We stayed home, but that didn’t mean that we didn’t have fun. We just spent time exploring the area around where we live. Yes, there was one day that we spent a little further away but for the most part, our spring break was spent exploring our town.

I was really surprised to see the results of this spring break survey, where most people took four to five-day trips. That was so not us; we took day trips, but we also figured in a way to be active during this time. (My new found goal to get healthier this year played a big part in that.) The first day we attended a Carolina Railhawks game where they played a team from Mexico and met the Railhawks team for this year. After the event, we ate at a Mexican restaurant because I just had to have some mole. The next day it was raining, but the following day my youngest and I set out on a walking trail at a local park, taking in the fresh air. We walked for like a mile.

training during spring break

The next day, Mikaela had training in Cary with Naz, more on that later, so we made the drive. Gracie was able to do a little boarding, we have always looked for the Best Longboards, while her sister was training. On Wednesday, it rained again so we basically as Gracie said wasted the day and did nothing. But on Thursday, a hiking we went. We explored the Cliffs of the Neuse state park for about an hour. I remembered my knees hurt from all that climbing. On Friday, we set again to explore a local historic site that we had never been to visit. It also had a hiking trail, so we set off again on a 4-mile hike. Then the weekend came, and we attended yet again another Railhawks game.

spring break walk

Sadly the week flew by so fast, that before we knew it Spring break was over, and it was back to school and back to work time. But we also learned a valuable lesson; our town has some cool things, and we have missed them for all these years because we never took the time to find out. I am so looking forward to exploring more places where I live when summer comes around. So tell me how did you spend your Spring Break?

Looking for some cool places in North Carolina to visit, make sure to check out these posts on Carowinds, and the Carolina Railhawks.

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