Sit back and relax and join us on our adventure of life, saving you money at the same time. Adventures of Frugal Mom is a PR friendly blog, and I love to do product reviews! I am interested in completing reviews for crafting, children’s products, clothing, men’s clothing, tools/machines, food items, nutrition/ general wellness products, entertainment, and whole family products. If your product does not fit that bill contact me, I may still be interested. My family and I love giving feedback on goods and services we try or experience first-hand. I will be honest if a product is not right for the Frugal Mom Family.


Reviews are excellent tools to networking a product/service. Families love to read reviews of the goods based on accurate, thorough and trustworthy opinions before purchasing.  Any reviews done of your product/service will be linked directly to your website so potential customers can easily find you.If your product is similar to one that is currently being reviewed, I will space posts accordingly, so there is no conflict of interest for either service/product.

• I require a full-size product to review

• I do not pay for the product or shipping to my home. That is the responsibility of the company or sponsor. I will not return a product unless details to do so is worked out along with review arrangements.

• Reviews will be posted within one month of receiving product/service unless otherwise specified or arranged. This gives my family time to use your item/service multiple times allowing me/us to give a thorough review.

• If you have press information, pictures/videos that you or your company would like to have in your product review, please ship them with the item to be reviewed or send by e-mail ([email protected])

• While I will not post a completely negative review, I will offer my honest opinion if there is a feature I do not like.
Honest is essential!

 • Advanced booking can be arranged. Contact me by e-mail to do so.

• I am happy to do reviews with or without a giveaway but from what I have seen you happen to get a better response when you sponsor a giveaway along with the review.


• The sponsor must provide me with their website address they would like included in the review/giveaway.

• Winners will be notified via email by me and after confirming, I will forward their contact information to you for shipment of their prize.

• Unless otherwise discussed between myself and the sponsor, a visit to the company/sponsor’s site is always included as a mandatory entry which provides for maximum exposure and traffic. Extra entries are available. They include but are not limited to becoming Facebook fans, signing up for newsletters or purchase from your shop/company/website.

• It is helpful to have pictures of the products/services used for the review and giveaway. If no media kit/pictures are included sponsor/company must allow me to use images from their website. If right-click is disabled, please provide pictures.

• After the winner confirms, I will e-mail the sponsor/company the winner’s name and shipping information so you (the sponsor/company) can ship the item/items to them.

• All giveaways are open to U.S and Canada residents 18 years+ by default unless otherwise discussed or stated in the giveaway post.

• Shipment of the prize/service to the winner is the sole responsibility of the sponsor/company unless specified otherwise in Winner Announcement/giveaway post.

 • Giveaways run from Wednesday to Wednesday, but that can change depending on arrangements between sponsor and myself.


• There are a limited number of spots available for monthly advertising.

• Ad space is sold at $30 per spot each month unless otherwise stated and arranged.

• Arrangements to “swap” goods, services, etc. to obtain an advertisement/sponsorship space can be arranged.
Contact me directly at [email protected] with inquiries for  further information
If you are not approved the at initial contact, as soon as there is a vacancy, I will notify you.
• Ad space is sold in blocks {example…}

• Arrangements to “swap” goods, services, etc. to obtain an advertisement/sponsorship space can be arranged.

Contact me directly at [email protected] for  further information