Come to the US to See A Mexican Soccer Game

mexican soccer game

For those that don’t know my husband is a native of Mexico and a huge soccer fan so anytime a team from Mexico comes to play it is a huge deal to him. Imagine our surprise to find out that our beloved Carolina Railhawks had scheduled an exhibition match with Toluca FC ( a team from Mexico). You know that was one game that we weren’t going to miss. How funny is it that my husband had to come all the way to the United States to see teams from Mexico play?

Mexico Soccer Game Railhawks Vs. Toluca

I think this was probably one of the few times that the Carolina Railhawks were not the home team. The stands were packed with tons of Hispanics. All were wearing the colors of their favorite Mexican team or player. Heck, even Raul and my middle daughter Mikaela had on Mexico hats.

mexico soccer game toluca vs. railhawks

It was so refreshing to see two teams from different cultures compete on the soccer pitch. I will have to say that I was excited for this match as we had seen one of the Toluca players, Carlos Esquivel, play last summer in Charlotte when the Mexico national team competed in the Gold Cup. One of the girls kept calling him esquirrel, so that is what we call him now. 🙂

Mexico soccer game

Sadly the Railhawks lost the game 3-0, but I don’t think that bothered the players that much since they were able to play the number one team in Mexico. If you haven’t watched a Mexican soccer match, you need to they are real serious when it comes to their futbol aka soccer.

soccer mexico toluca vs. railhawks

So tell me have you ever experienced watching a team from another country play? It is pretty exciting isn’t it?


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