Exploring Stoney Creek Park

stoney creek park

A few weeks ago, my younger two girls were on Spring Break. This year I decided to combine getting fit into our Spring Break plans. The first day we set out to explore a local park , Stoney Creek Park, that had walking trails and a dog park. (Sadly Allie didn’t get to go, and I am sure that you will hear about it soon) 😉

Stoney Creek Park is one that my girls have been to, but I hadn’t. And yes they have bought both dogs there. Because we had such a late start to the day, Mikaela, my middle daughter couldn’t go because she had soccer practice.

stoney creek park dogwoods

It took us about 15 minutes to drive to the park from my house. But I am glad we made the trip. The park was breathtaking as the dogwood, our state’s flower) were in bloom, which led to an entirely gorgeous walk.

dogwoods in bloom Stoney Creek park

It seemed like time just flew by as Gracie and I walked and talked. Not only does the park have walking trails, but there are also picnic shelters, a sand volleyball court, and a playground for kids.

stoney creek park playground

It was a perfect place to spend a day to not only walk but to take out the sights as well.

stoney creek park nc

So tell me do you have a local park that you like to visit. Check back soon to read about our hiking adventure at a state park.

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