Gearing Up For Soccer Season

Disclosure: I received personalized shirts in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

gearing up for soccer

Any longtime followers of the blog know that we are a soccer loving family. Not only do we attend games once a week if not more but my two older girls also play.  Maddie has graduated and is no longer playing but Mikaela is still playing. Besides wanting to go into the military to honor the memory of my dad, soccer is her other passion. She could play it in her sleep if she could. Who knows she probably does? She gives up her Saturday mornings to train with a professional player in hopes she can become better. We absolutely love her trainer and her coaches. My husband shares her passion for soccer as well. He could sit and watch it on television for hours. So with soccer season fast approaching here are some quick tips to get your family geared up for the soccer season.

  • Have a go to bag in your car. In this bag, pack waters, granola bars, napkins and some other snacks. This can keep hunger at bay if you are travelling to away games.
  • Make sure to have a bag with necessary meds inside. I always carry ibuprofen, band aids, wipes and Gracie’s meds.
  • Carry a blanket or two in the back of your car. It seems like most of my girls’ games are played in the cold weather. This will help you to stay warm and I promise your family will thank you for it.
  • Umbrellas- Unless the rain started before the game, there is a good chance they will be playing in the rain so this will keep you from being soaked. There was one time I forgot my umbrella and I was soaked I said that was never going to happen to me again and it hasn’t.
  • Team Shirts- Show your support for your player with custom t-shirts. I found these cool ones from SnapMade that was easy to make that I had to get one for not only Mikaela, because she wanted one for herself but also for her dad.

Customized Soccer T Shirts From Snapmade

 Mikaela’s says Keep Calm and Play Soccer. Raul’s says Soccer Dad. I love that it has a mustache on it because it was my husband’s mustache that attracted me to him. I was able to personalize them with her name and number on the back.

Customized Tshirts from Snapmade Backs

I love that even if Mikaela played another sport I could make her a cool t-shirt and it was so easy. But you don’t have to play sports to get one of these shirts. They have designs for just about everything. These shirts make great personalized gifts.

So tell me do your kids play sports? How do you gear up for playing season?

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  1. We don’t do soccer in our house, but we are a karate family and the same goes for karate. While the kids lessons aren’t that long, it’s good to be prepared.

  2. When our kids did sports, snacks and a first aid kit were always in our car! I love the fun shirts, too.

  3. Wow soccer season already. I haven’t been much into sports but love watching other people get excited.

  4. I am a soccer mom too. I love when it is soccer season and it’s time for my older 2 boys to play! I love the shirts !

  5. I love the shirts, we have never one anything big to celebrate sports in our family, but we were always open to it… These really are adorable.

  6. How cool are those shirts! I can’t wait to get my daughter in soccer. She already really loves kicking balls so I think she’ll enjoy soccer.

  7. Thanks for the tips! We’re thinking about signing up my daughter for soccer. She will be 4 in April and I think she is finally at that age where she can follow instructions. She’s really excited!

  8. MY son used to play soccer. My girls are cheerleaders and we have competition season starting for the one season in August until October and the other season runs Jan-May.

  9. We play spring soccer and cannot wait for the good weather and being outside again! Way too much snow right now here in Boston!

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