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Hey, Y’all, welcome to the blog, Adventures of Frugal Mom. I am Melissa, a native of North Carolina. I hail from the coast near Camp Lejeune ( my birthplace) but now live in a rural community about 2 hours away. I am a proud, Jesus Loving Mom and Wife. I have been with the love of my life, my hubby Raul ( a native of Mexico), for almost 30 years. We have three insanely wonderful and gorgeous daughters, one son-in-law, and an adopted son and his wife.

We also have a menagerie of animals-two dogs and four outside cats, and four cats who call us Grandparents-LOL. This started as a deals and coupons blog but ultimately morphed into this lifestyle blog you are reading right now. When I am not blogging, I enjoy spending time in the Blog Cabin (read about that here), recording Chats from the Blog Cabin, crafting, reading, traveling, and more. Of course, above all else, spending time with my handsome hubby and my amazing adult kids.

I have recently overcome my anxiety and can’t wait to share with you all the travels I will be going on this year. Last year, I flew for the first time since my girls were born to California and fell in love. And since then, I am counting the days until I can return.

So follow along on this journey with me and I will guarantee that you will have a good time. Because there is one thing I pride myself on is that I write like I actually chatting with you in person.

Melissa Adventures of Frugal Mom

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