Top Ten Places I Would Love To Visit


You know everybody has their wish lists of top ten places that they wish they could visit if money was not an issue. Well here is my top ten. Some of them are very sentimental to me. So here it goes I am going to count back from 10 to my top one.

AFM Top 10

10. Disneyland or Disney World – I am not picky either one would work for me. Nobody in my family has ever gone so it would be a real treat for us. My girls are the only grandchildren on my side that have not been, my parents took my nephews years ago and they have yet to take the girls.

9. Hawaii– I have always wanted to go there just to see what it is like. I love the beach and to explore the culture would be awesome.

8. Italy– I have always felt like I was an Italian at heart so go figure I married a man from Mexico lol. Well at least I did get the Catholic religion right. And there are a lot words in Italian that are similar in Spanish.

7. England– I have always had a love affair with England. Go figure that is why when I was in college I dated a guy from England.  But my desire to go there started when Princess Diana married Prince Charles. How many of you have dreamed of been swept of your feet by a member of the royal family? Come on admit it a little piece of us died when William married Kate. But we can still hold out hope for Harry can’t we? There is something about a man with an accent. (Yep I married a man with an accent just not an English one.)

6. Bahamas– Need I say more.

5. My Grandmother’s house in Massachusetts– My most cherished memories of childhood took place on West Street in Uxbridge, Mass. It was where I got my first stitches. I spent every summer from the time I was born till I was 13 vacationing there. My dad would drive the whole family up there spend a week of his vacation with us, fly back to NC to work and take another week to fly back up to drive us home at the end of the summer. Family from both of my mom’s and dad’s side lived on that street.  It was were they both grew up and as an added bonus, my best friend lived on the same street as well.

4. Roanoke, Virginia– We have a lot of Nephews and their families who live there.  (Being number 9 of 10 Raul has nieces and nephews that are almost the same age as him)These are the closest relatives to live  near us. The girls grew up thinking that the boys were their older brothers and they feel lost because we don’t get to see them that often.

3. Dallas, Texas– Dallas in another place that we have a niece and a nephew who live there. We definitely get to see them less than we do the relatives in Virginia. This brother and sister has always been close to  our hearts because when the girls were little and we went to Mexico to visit, their family would always take the girls places.

2. La Rosa, Mexico– This is the little community that my husband is from. But it is also where most of his family lives. His parents, 4 sisters and their families, and three of the brothers and their families as well as an aunt all  live in this community. Everything is within walking distance so it easy to go to the store for a soda or to grab some pan. ( Sweetbread) And Raul’s sister Lupe makes the best tacos on Saturday and Sunday nights.

1. A Beach House with My Family– Of course all of my top tens would be done with my family. They are what make me who I am. But a beach house would be a way for Raul to actually relax on his downtime. If he is not working at his job, he is working on projects in the yard. So that would be a great gift for him and well as for the girls.

AFM Inquiring

I shared with you my top tens so what are yours? Do we share some of the same ones?? If so do tell. What are your sentimental ones and what are your exotic ones?? Inquiring minds want to know.

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