Carolina Railhawks The Icing on the Cake

Last week I wrote about my birthday week of highs and lows, mentioning that we would be attending a Carolina Railhawks game that night. I haven’t written that much about the Carolina Railhawks this season because this blog has taken us to so many places. I have been truly blessed with a lot this year. Becoming ambassadors to a lot of different brands, reviewing some cool stuff and being offered blogging opportunities that I actually get paid for I couldn’t ask for more. Well I could, I wanted to have a great birthday with my friends and family. And that was what I had.

So back to the Railhawks game. I was super excited when the Railhawks came out with their schedule for the year and found out that they were playing San Antonio Scorpions on my birthday. San Antonio has my absolute favorite former Railhawks players in Cesar Elizondo and Julius James. They are such awesome nice guys and amazing Christians and role models that I literally screamed with joy when I found out that the Railhawks would be playing them on my birthday. This would probably be the only team that I would root against the Railhawks for. Sadly Julius did not make it, as the game before he broke two of the bones in his lower leg. Get Well Soon Julius. You were greatly missed.

So we decided to have one of my best friends and her girls come to the game with us. At the last minute we had a couple of add ons so Gracie and I ended up riding in the car with Sharon, aka My partner in crime, and her girls. We laughed and talked on the hour drive to the stadium. We got to Wake Med Soccer Park and proceeded to tailgate. We had a blast in the parking lot.

tailgating (1)

The only ones missing were Maddie and Lex. They hadn’t gotten there yet as they were coming from the other direction and would arrive shortly before the game was to start. So after we tailgated for awhile it was time to enter the stadium. We were able to wave to Elizondo when he came on the field. The whole family was so excited to see him.

I tried to take a group selfie but somehow the  two selfie sticks I have were nowhere to be found and I suck at taking group selfies without them. So my wonderful husband offered to take  a picture of the crew in the stands.


The Crew Before the Game  Front Row Katherine, Gracie, Miriam, My Partner in Crime Sharon, and Me Back Row, Maddie, Lex, Mikaela, and the two boys that kept us entertained all night Tito and Dylan
The Crew Before the Game
Front Row Katherine, Gracie, Miriam, My Partner in Crime Sharon, and Me
Back Row, Maddie, Lex, Mikaela, and the two boys that kept us entertained all night Tito and Dylan

As you can see Maddie and Lex were able to get there before the game even started. So onto the game. I cannot begin to tell you how I felt sharing this game with these people. Just look at the pictures.

partners in Crime

I spent a year teaching along side Sharon, who is an amazing friend and an awesome teacher. I was filling in for another music teacher who was out on leave and I absolutely had a blast teaching with Sharon. I was friends with her before that year but we grew even closer during the year we spent together. Her girls are a year older and a year younger than Gracie so they get along with each other.  As if you can’t tell by this picture.

The GirlsThese three girls are a total hoot when they get together. Sharon and I rode in the car with them. The trip to and from the stadium were loaded with laughs and lots of fun.

My night was made by these friends but also by several members of the Railhawks organization. John who is our season ticket rep made sure to come by and tell me before the game Happy Birthday. I thought that was so sweet of him. You may remember John as I reviewed his book Burlwood Forest  a while back and he guest posted here on the blog as well.

Da Luz

The second was when Austin Da Luz, who you may remember I did a whole blog series about last year, came by signing autographs and I was able to snap a picture with him. He asked how we were doing and made sure everything was okay because he hadn’t seen us at a game in awhile. Which made my day that he actually noticed when we weren’t in the stands. We told him sometimes Life happens and we had other things to do.

cesar and I

Of course we also got to chat with Cesar as well. He was so sweet. He asked how the girls were and how everything was with us. We even chatted about our gold cup experience with him. And of course while we chatting with him. This was going on.

the girls cutting up

I told you that they are total cut ups.

Being able to share with my Birthday with these people at Carolina Railhawks game with some  of my favorites from the Carolina Railhawks Organization (past and present)  was the icing on the birthday cake.

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  1. Knowing how much you love the team, I am so happy that you got to spend your birthday with them. I can’t imagine it getting any better for you 🙂

  2. Oh, it looks like you had a great time! What a fun birthday outing!

  3. Well Happy Belated Birthday to you!! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Speaking of tailgaiting,.. My Daughter loves doing that.

  4. It looks like you had a great time and what a fun way to enjoy your birthday. Spending time with family and friends is always awesome.

  5. How cool that he noticed you weren’t in the stands! That would have made my day. No, my month!

  6. This really sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your birthday! It’s so cool that you got to spend the day with friends, family and an awesome team.

  7. My belated birthday wishes to you. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time out there. Happy to hear that you spent your day with your family and friends team, which must have been a great way to enjoy the special day.

  8. Glad you had such a happy birthday. 🙂 Glad to be helping with the hosting responsiibilites with the #homemattersparty with you.

  9. It looks like you had a fabulous time at the game. So glad you got to go because it sounds like you are their #1 fan. It is always fun to be there instead of watching on TV!

    Happy Birthday too!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like you had such a great day! So happy to be part of the #HomeMatterParty with you. Thanks for including me.

  11. belated happy birthday – i bet this is such a memorable time for you too – it was a blast and lots of fun!

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