Vaya Con Dios Cesar Elizondo!!!

Last Wednesday, our little home and many of those of the Carolina Railhawks nation was rocked when it was announced that Cesar Elizondo was traded to San Antonio. If you aren’t familiar with Cesar he is a soccer player from Costa Rica who has quickly captured the hearts of not only those in Railhawks nation but also all the members in our house especially my middle daughter Mikaela. He was one of those players that she admired and looked up to.

mikaela twitter 1

He ranks right up there with Chicarito (Javier Hernadez) and USA woman team member Sydney Leroux. Just look at one of her tweets. Being able to see one of her idols play a few weekends a month was all she looked forward too. One of the soccer games we went to in the spring her coach came with us and when her coach gave her compliment in front of Cesar she was on cloud nine.

You see they both play midfield and they are both number #7. And no she didn’t get the number 7 because that was his number, last year he was #29. She had that number last year. But was tickled when she found out that he had HER number this year.

The trade was not very popular with the fans as like I said he was a fan favorite, a family favorite. One of those nice guys on and off the field. Everyone that I spoke to about him always talked about him with respect. In fact if you remember when I interviewed Julius James, another former Railhawk last year, he mentioned Cesar would be one of the players he would want to be on deserted island with. In another interview that I am working on about another player Austen King, Cesar’s name came up once again.

It is rare in this day in age to have someone that young people can look up to and be as geniune on the field as well as off. Cesar was also happy to talk to fans and would so gracious when answering questions. He quickly won us over. With this trade, and no time to say Good Bye aka Adios it is hard for fans to have closure. The trade was announced on Wednesday and by Saturday there was a new player on the field playing the position he was playing. I will have admit as a mom I was a little saddened because unlike when Nick Millington retired there was no good bye and wishes of luck instead there was just a gnawing pit in the stomach.  So I thought I would take to the blog and give a shout out to this amazing guy who we hope to see when San Antonio comes to play in September.

It just shows that life isn’t always fair but you just have to trust that God has a plan for your life. So before I leave, here are some pictures of Cesar through the past two years. Isn’t it amazing how fast you can get attached to someone?

elizondo on bench

This season during one of the Open Cup games when he came out of the game


elizondo and Mikaela

This became her standard after the game picture.

mikaela and elizondo

With Mikaela at one of the games last year.

mikaela elizondo poster

Mikaela showing off her poster making skills showing her support.

elizondo first look

The first game where we were introduced to him.

cesar and girls

At the meet the team event for the season ticket holders. He was so sweet to ask how Gracie was doing and how Mikaela got the bruise on the side of her face. Soccer Ball to the head.

mik and elizondo

Notice she is wearing her jersey as well we took her high school team to see the scrimmage before the meet the team event and they all wore their uniforms. This was the day that she found out he was #7 as well. And long time followers of the blog will remember this post.

“Each one of my teenage girls have their favorite players. Maddie’s is Akira, the Goalie, and Mikaela’s is Cesar. Remember Mikaela has always been the one out of our girls to embrace her Hispanic heritage so can you guess what nationality he is. LOL. She made a sign to show him how she supported him. As the teams were heading into the locker rooms at halftime, Mikaela stepped down to the railing holding her sign up high. He saw it and waved and smiled. I don’t think I have seen my daughter smile as big as did when that happened. Unfortunately, I was not able to grab that moment but the moment after that I did catch.” See the picture below.

AFM Mikaela Smile

Here is a picture with him and the sign.

AFM Mikaela and Cesar

From that moment on Cesar Elizondo won the heart of my teenage daughter and our whole family. As a mom I would like to thank him for being a gracious player on and off the field. I wish him and his wife the best of luck in San Antonio and want to let them know that from the bottom of our hearts he will be missed by our whole family.

Vay Con Dios ( May God Be With You) Cesar!! Best of Luck in the future.

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  1. I’ve never heard of him, but it’s always good for kids to have good role models, and it sounds like he is one! Best of luck to him and his family!

  2. He sounds like an awesome role model and it is such a bummer that he has to go. Who knows – maybe someone else who’s so great will come along to take his place?

  3. I am not into sports at all. It is unusual to hear about a player, any player, in any sport, who is both gracious and nice! Why, I wonder don’t we hear more about them instead if the guys who do terrible things? It is sad that he got traded.

  4. What a great guy! I love when famous people take the time for the fans. He seems like a great role model.

  5. He sounds like a great person and a great role model. It is so hard these days to find one that sets a great example on and off the field for our children.

  6. It always nice when sports stars take a few moments to interact with their fans. They don’t realize the impressions they make!

  7. He seems like a great person and my family feels that way about Derek Jeter retiring from the Yankees this year. He’s not being traded – which would have been worse! – but we will definitely miss him a lot.

  8. It’s definitely sad to see someone go who’s impacted you all so much. I hope wherever he’s headed that they appreciate him just as much.

  9. She is a super fan and he seems so sweet! What a great memento for her to have of her idol! I kind of love that he seems so earthy and chats her up every time she gets a picture with him. That’s really lovely.

  10. This happens to the best of them.. he sounds like he is in a right mind and is doing the right things by the kids.. Good Luck to him!

  11. Very cool to see such a popular athlete taking the time to connect with his fans. Thanks for sharing. I hope he does well in his new home.

  12. Trades are never fun when it isn’t something you are prepared for nor want. Thank you for sharing his story. I’d never heard of him but can now be on the lookout. 🙂

  13. It’s ashame he had to relocate. He seems like someone in touch with the community. how fun for your kids that they got to visit and meet him.

  14. I hope he stays clean and a great role model! The nice thing is with social media you all will still be able to follow him pretty closely. 🙂

  15. What a stand up guy. It’s great that your daughter has someone so down to earth to look up to. Sucks about the trade. We went through something like that this year with our favorite baseball player David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays.

  16. It’s is always sad when a player leaves the team. it seems like he was a great guy on and off the field.

  17. This must be hard for sports fans, to watch their favorite players go play for another team. I know it happens all the time, but it would stink. He sounds like a great guy!

  18. I love hearing about sports heroes that are great with their fans. Although he was traded, you can still follow his career!

  19. That is great to see a player taking the time to talk to your daughter and creating a friendship. I wish them all the best with the move.

  20. Awww..I totally feel for you.. we are a HUGE Soccer Family and totally understand.. We say GOOO Germany, but love all teams.. we shed a lot of tears when we see our favorite players leave for another team…

  21. One thing I learned at a very young age was to not get too attached to sports players on teams because at any given moment they could/would be traded.

  22. Its always tough when a player you love gets traded but so great to find out how kind and gracious he was. Its not always that way.

  23. What a great down to earth guy! And really handsome too! Wish him the best. It is always sad to see a good player go, but he seemed to have left a great record behind

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