Make Sure Your Dog Sleeps Tight


dog sleeps tight

When someone adopts a waggy-tailed, wet nosed, furry four-legged friend for the first time then they often do not think much further than the fact that they are going to need to add dog food to their monthly grocery bill. However, it is not long before they discover that there is a whole lot more to owning a lovable pooch than just feeding them.

First off you need to think about where Paws is going to be sleeping. Unless you’re willing to share your bed with them, they’re going to need some bedding of their own. It might seem expensive, but if you think everything through well and visit Discountrue to search for Kohl’s promo codes it won’t be nearly as costly! Some things to keep in mind when choosing a bed for them is the following:

It should be made from natural materials – synthetic materials, especially those that are flame retardant or stain resistant have been treated with chemicals that can be harmful, especially if your pup has allergies or sensitive skin.

It should have a non-skid base – This is simply a safety consideration, as a racing dog meeting with an object that is supposed to be stationary but isn’t is a recipe for disaster!

Get a removable cover – This is not an absolute must, but your dogs are going to spend more time in their beds than anywhere else so keeping it clean is essential to maintaining their health and keeping them pest free. Simply removing a slip cover and tossing it in the wash is a lot easier than trying to scrub the basket, cushion and all.

Remember, your home is their home so keep it as safe, warm and loving as possible and you will have a devoted companion for life!

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  1. When we get a new pet, we will be looking into this. Our last dog would sleep on the bed, but I wanted him to have a pet bed too so that he could cuddle on something in the family room.

  2. Our dog and cat sleep on our bed, yikes! We had to get a king bed so they could all fit! If they would sleep on the floor I would get the removable cover for sure. Thanks for the great tips!

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