Kicking It At A Soccer Game

 This is the first in a series of articles about this fantastic adventure.

This past weekend my family had the pleasure of being guests of the Carolina Railhawks. If you are not familiar with them the Carolina Railhawks, they are an American professional soccer team based in Cary, North Carolina. They were founded in 2006. They play their games at the Wake Med Soccer Park. I believe that this team is the hidden secret in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC. We traveled about an hour to see the game. Yes, we are such soccer fans. Remember when we went to see the Railhawks play last year in Day of Family Fun and how we then went to see Mexico and Italy play in Thursday Night Fun. Plus with the oldest playing soccer, this is a sport we have grown to love. When we arrived at the stadium, I was impressed with how nice everyone was. (I will tell you more about this in another story). We were able to meet some of the players and their families. (Yep you guessed it there are some more stories there as well.) Maddie, my oldest found out at the last minute she had to work so Mikaela invited a friend who is like another daughter to us to come along.

Both she and her friend enjoyed watching the goalies warm up. We arrived at the stadium before they even opened the gate. I met my contact Ignacio (read more about him later) at the gate and off we went.

I was given a media pass that would allow me access to the press box. Yes, little old me was a member of the media. (I just wish I could have kept the pass, but I got a picture of it instead.) I got to interview some amazing players- 2 local boys (one who worked in their community outreach program and one who was just starting his career) before the game.

Then the game started. Let me tell you there was not a dull moment in that match. Raul was impressed because one of the players that played in Mexico was playing for the other team. I liked how at the start of the game players from local schools were able to walk the players out on the field and stand with them during the national anthem.

Then it was game on. We first thought that this game would be a blowout because the Railhawks were able to score two goals before the other team scored. But at the half, the score was 2-2. Yep, they had come back to tie the game. At halftime, local teams are allowed to go out on the field and play a mini game of soccer. The way the staff makes sure the each child feels special is amazing. After the mini goals had been taken away, the teams took the field. This was an exciting match to watch. As you can tell by the picture here

The other team, the Atlanta Silverbacks, had some fans in the stands. But what was funny to me is that they would switch back and forth rooting for both teams lol.

I guess they wanted to say their team won. LOL The game was tied 4-4, and we thought for sure they would go into overtime but in the last minutes maybe even seconds a fight broke out between the two teams.

I am not sure exactly what happen, but the police had to come out, and the referees ended the game. I was then able to go down on the field to interview another player (He was the family man. I was able to interview his wife as well). Yep, you guessed it looks for these interviews later in the week. I was impressed with how nice everyone with the Railhawks organization was. They made me feel like I was the only fan there) I had gone there with the intention of highlighting the game, a few of their special features, and maybe get to interview a player. Thinking this would become one or two maybe three stories, but it has turned into so much more. So this is my first post in series highlighting the Railhawks organization. In this series you will find out about exclusive deals they have, get to meet some of their players and their families, learn about their special events that they have come up and also see the faces behind the scenes as well. My family and I had so much fun at this event; it by far has been the best one that we have attended.

I received tickets to the Carolina Railhawks soccer game for the purpose of this review. The opinions expressed are mine.

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