An Inspirational Night with The Carolina Railhawks

Inspirational Night Carolina Railhawks

This past Saturday night, my youngest daughter and  part of her soccer team attended a Carolina Railhawks game with us. If I didn’t already loved this team than this experience would have made me fall in love with them. The only thing that it did do was force me to love this team more if that is even possible. For the most part, I sat back and let the girls enjoy their experience. For many of the girls, this was their first time at a Railhawks game. And to say that they enjoyed the experience would be an understatement.

girls on bench inspirational night

But first I have to give props to Katy our season ticket rep for the Railhawks, she went above and beyond anything I could have imagined for the girls to get the most out of their game day experience. Through a series of emails, she offered a package that for many of the girls were a once in a lifetime experience. Being able to sit on the bench before the game, slap the players hands in the fan tunnel and to experience the impressive caliber of play by the team as well as the outstanding show of love for the fans was almost an experience that words can not describe, but I will do my best. Oh did I forget to mention that Katy even had Gracie’s name on the big screen which totally made up for my Mom Fail of the week before?

Gracie's name in lights

Most of you know, but for those that don’t know, we never thought that Gracie, our youngest would be able to play soccer like her older sisters. With the fear of having a seizure at any time, we often worried  that she could get hurt on the field. Having her cleared to play this year, I can honestly say has been a positive thing for her. Not only are her seizures under control, but her grades also are better, her overall physical health is awesome, and she has actually come out of her shell a lot. She wants to be involved in more things and loves having friends over to the house. My little girl has become a social butterfly. Nothing makes a parent smile more than to hear the giggles of 4 girls ( My middle daughter, Mikaela, Gracie, and 2 of her friends) in the backseat of car giggling and talking about what a great time they had at the game even if they didn’t get a picture with Jeremy, but they did get to slap his hand in the fan tunnel.

Fan tunnel Jeremy slapping hands Carolina Railhawks

But all these experiences before the game and during the game, are overshadowed by far when the girls got to get the players autographs after the game. They learned that this amazing bunch of guys  love their fans just as much as their fans love them. Of course, there are our favorites, but like I told my husband, I don’t think there is one player on this team that I don’t like this year. Normally there are a few that I could take or leave but this year, from what I have seen on the field and off, the Carolina Railhawks have not only put together an amazing group of players but also an outstanding group of unbelievably respectful, friendly, and all around awesome guys as well as role models.

Feature Image Inspirational Night with Carolina Railhawks

And I will have to say that  I also love that a majority of these guys aren’t afraid to show their faith. I have lost count on how many players I have seen crossed themselves and pray before they step foot out onto the field and after they are done playing. To me that is an awesome role model, but I also love the diversity of the team, they are from all over the world, some local, Multiple races and nationalities, some newly married, some married with kids, some who are suffering devastating losses or illnesses in their own lives, but still once they step out on the soccer pitch they do everything they can for the fans because they know without the fans support there will be no team. It is so refreshing to see this kind of attitude in sports these days.

Gracie with John Orlando

I think the best way I could sum it up, is this story of a new player for the Railhawks this year. John Orlando tried out for the Railhawks ( You might remember how impressed I was with him at the Meet the Railhawks event) at one the open tryouts they held and on Saturday, he suited up for the game. Watching his face while the team was warming up I could see just what a major life moment that was for him. And it was confirmed when the game was finished, and after all the autographs had been signed, he walked back out on the pitch and asked someone to take a picture of him on the field in his uniform. That just made me smile, showing that if you work hard that you can accomplish anything.

connor and jade

So thank you Carolina Railhawks team from the support staff to players, to coaches and all those that work to make a game day experience the best it can be for being positive role models for the children that attend your games and for making each fan feel like they are totally unique in your eyes. And thank you for showing that it isn’t all about the money but investing in the youth of the country.

If you are ever in the Raleigh / Durham area you need to go check out a Carolina Railhawks game,  I promise you won’t regret it.

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  1. How wonderful! What a great experience for the girls. We’ve been to a few games with our son thanks to a friend who has extra tickets from work on occasion, but haven’t been since I was pregnant (so 2014 season). We need to make a point to get to a game this season. My son LOVES watching the Railhawks play and still talks about Swoops.

  2. Fun night as always!!!! Makes me nostalgic for summer sports nights in highschool and college! Even though I lived in the city, and wasn’t THAT athletic (hahah) I always loved celebrating and playing – thanks for all the great, personal pics xx Bee

  3. Fun night as always!!!! Makes me nostalgic for summer sports nights in highschool and college! Even though I lived in the city, and wasn’t THAT athletic (hahah) I always loved celebrating and playing – thanks for all the great, personal pics and stories you share. Bee

  4. What a fun and memorable experience for the girls! My children were all involved in sports when they were in school. My daughter was a cheerdancer (can you imagine my fear whenever she was tossed in the air?), and my two boys were engaged in baseball. I admire these Carolina Railhawks because, as you have written, they are not afraid to show their faith.

  5. What a fun night. It is always great when family is together regardless of the occasion. I always loved soccer; however, my mind is changed after watching concussion movie.

  6. Aww this is great 🙂 I’m glad you’re all having great experiences with the Railhawks this season.

  7. This sounds like a wonderful day with the kids. I will have to check out the Carolina Railhawks. My kids love soccer too.

  8. I’m happy to hear that Gracie will be able to enjoy the sport just like the others. Sounds like everybody had a great time and I’ve read so much about the Railhawks that I feel like I’m part of the team.

  9. That’s fun that they got to go in for autographs. Sounds like an amazing time!

  10. Looks like the evening was a success! Nothing like that first game experience.

  11. The pictures are so exciting & this sounds like a wonderful experience with lots of fun all around. I do love soccer so much & would love to go through such great moments as well with my kids.

  12. Sounds like an amazing night! Way to go mom, for making up for the “mom fail”. I’m sure this is an experience that your daughter and her team learned a lot of great lessons from, while also having fun. Makes me excited to see the Oklahoma City Dodgers play here in a few weeks! Thanks for sharing and hosting #HomeMattersParty 🙂

  13. What a fun night. I bet Gracie was excited to get her name in lights! 🙂 LOL Thanks for sharing and being a wonderful host of the #HomeMattersParty – we love having you on the team! 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  14. Wow! Your daughter and the girls look so happy! I love the picture of your daughter with the soccer player, looks like a very awesome night. #HomeMattersParty

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