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Austin da Luz jersey

Have you ever been watching a movie and your attention is suddenly drawn from the main character to one of the supporting ones. You aren’t sure why but somehow something just draws you to them? Whether it is their presence on the screen or the support that they are giving they become a show stealer- not because they set out to do it, it just happens. Maybe it is because they have a characteristic that you can identify with. Not everybody may feel the same way as you do- but there is just something about that character. Now imagine applying this to real life, have you noticed that sometimes the supporting people are the ones that you seem to seek out. You know the people I am talking about those that are content in being a support player (in the background so to speak) often times embarrassed to be in the limelight but they do it because it is a necessary evil that comes with being able to do what they love.

 I have noticed this about Austin da Luz of the Carolina Railhawks. If you are not familiar with him, he is a midfielder for the NASL’s (North American Soccer League) Carolina Railhawks. The Carolina Railhawks is a soccer team which makes its home in Cary, NC and are our local (if you count being an hour away) team. Recently Austin returned to the Railhawks after a stint with USL ‘s Orlando City SC. And to say that I was excited when it was announced he was returning to the Railhawks would be an understatement. He was my favorite player from last season as I said in the first paragraph I am not sure why but there was just something about him.  From the conversations and emails I have had with him, I realize that for him soccer is not everything. Even though he started playing as soon as he could walk and his dad is a very successful college coach, Austin is one of those guys who off the field likes to fly under the radar, content to watch television, reading any book that interests him and participating in fantasy football with current and former Carolina Railhawks players. Although he is quick to tell me that soccer is not the only thing that he thinks about, it does consume a huge amount of his time so when he is away from the pitch he just likes to relax and unwind. I think everyone can identify with this idea as I know I do.

Austin before I knew who he was

I will have to admit that writing this story gave me panic attacks (well not panic but attacks of writer’s block) because I couldn’t come up with the words that I wanted to use to characterize this amazing player but then I realized that even Austin could not answer the question that I asked him when I asked to describe himself in 20 words or less. Oh by the way did I mention that Austin has said on more than one occasion that if he wasn’t playing soccer he would be writing in some capacity. So I figured if it is too hard for him to write about himself than why am I placing that much added pressure on myself to do the same thing.

Austin da Luz boy next door

Seriously folks, Austin is one of those boys next door that you grew up with. He is the kind of guy who values his family but also his friends. In fact Austin is still friends with most of his college teammates some of who by the way also play for the Railhawks.  In fact when asked what Railhawks players he would want to be stranded on a deserted island with the answer came as no surprise as it was college teammates Akira Fitzgerald and Zack Schilawski.

Austin da Luz bro code

He said that they are his closest friends on the team as they have known each other for so long and they lived together all throughout college and also during their time as Railhawks. Plus he is quick to add that Zack is pretty smart and Akira was born on an island (Japan) so he thought that all three of them would be able to survive. But he also added that Austen King he would bring along for any of the heavy lifting that might need to be done as well former Railhawks player Jason Garey as he is an avid outdoorsman and he would be a great part to the “survival crew”.

 austin da luz orlando city

At the beginning of the year Austin’s main goal was to get back on a MLS (Major League Soccer) team, (he has played for the New York Red Bulls and DC United) this was his reasoning for leaving Carolina and signing with Orlando City SC. Starting in 2015 Orlando will no longer be USL but MLS. But as the season progressed it became less and less important to him. He realized that he was happier and playing his best when he was playing week in and week out. And being with the Carolina Railhawks is just where he wants to be not only because he can play week in and week out but he considers the Cary and Raleigh area as his home. It is where his heart is and it where he feels that he has played his best. In his words running back on the field at WakeMed for the first time was great feeling. And when asked what was the best thing about being back the answer was “EVERYTHING.” And I for one is glad to Austin da Luz back in a Railhawk uniform and hope that he will be resigned for next season.

 Austin da Luz shaking fan's hand

 So come out and cheer Austin da Luz and his Fellow Railhawks at their last home game tonight. It is a big game for the Railhawks and they would love to have your support.  For ticket information contact the Carolina Railhawks. And make sure to tune in tomorrow to read more about Austin and why I chose to profile him on the blog.

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  1. I wish I lived closer to Cary! (I’m over in Asheville.) We were supposed to be in Raleigh today, but I had to change our plans. Would love to see the game – Austin sounds like a fantastic person!!

  2. I have to say I really enjoy this series of soccer posts you do. I played soccer growing up in the late 70’s living in West Germany. It wasn’t ‘cool’ here in the US at the time, but so glad it is coming around here!

  3. Thanks Scott It means a lot to me know that people are enjoying these soccer posts.

  4. Jaime if you are ever in Cary you should go to a game- the team is awesome and so fan and family friendly.

  5. I’ve never really paid much attention to soccer. A good friend of mine has a daughter who plays and really enjoys it.

  6. I have enjoyed soccer more in the last few years with the Barclays league. Thanks for sharing this profile!

  7. I am not into sports but this guy sounds like one who I would definitely like as a friend! He seems down to earth and any guy who loves reading–well–he is for me!

  8. We don’t watch soccer very often but I like reading about the players that aren’t in the spotlight that everybody knows about.

  9. He is a cutie pie and seems like a really nice, down to earth guy. I hope the team wins!

  10. I feel like I’m so much a part of these teams after meeting so many of these players the past couple of weeks.

  11. He sounds like a great guy! I haven’t watched soccer really but will know who he is from now on!

  12. Sounds like a great team player. A writer if he wasn’t playing soccer? Love that.

  13. Thank you for introducing me to a great soccer player. I don’t watch the game, but love meeting the players and learning more about why they are great. My son loves watching the game.

  14. We have a strong soccer system here locally for young players, but once the teen years are past, unfortunately, it dies out.

  15. I wasn’t aware of this person – I do like to watch sports. Great to know more!

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