Ending the Railhawks Season as a VIP

My family and I were guests of the Carolina Railhawks however all the fun we had at the game was all us. 


This past Friday night my family and I were guests of the Railhawks. It seems that the front office staff read my blog post  An Open Letter to the Railhawks, and I was sent an email with an attachment from the President of the Railhawks asking us to be their guests for the last game of the season.

To say I was on cloud nine would be an understatement, although we are season ticket holders this was a little different. We were treated like VIPs. What exactly did that mean? We were given tickets to the VIP section of the stadium, allowed on field access before and after the game, an autographed ball as well as food and drinks.

Having the suite access was great because I have been suffering from Bronchitis the last couple of weeks. I just can’t seem to kick this mess so being able to watch it from inside was great. I had even thought twice about not attending the game that night because I was not feeling that well. But this was an opportunity that we could not pass up.

We arrived at the stadium and were shown to the VIP parking lot and then I grabbed the tickets at will call. As Friday night was Fan Appreciation we also got team posters as well as some other cool swag.

railhawks game

Once inside we went looking for the suite, this was on the opposite side of where our season tickets are at. It was great to see a different perspective for a night. Once we got to the box the lady that was at the door was extremely sweet. She asked to see our tickets and  We asked her were we in the right place and she said yes you are? She was so nice and friendly.

However when we stepped into the suite we were asked to see our tickets again. I didn’t mind showing them but the guy asking the question made us feel like we didn’t belong there. I noticed that our family was the only one asked to show our tickets and I know that we were not the only ones that normally do not sit in that section. I think this is the first time that I have run into an employee of the team and the stadium that I would rather not deal with again. To say it was unpleasant would be a definite.

The game was great as the Railhawks had just announced new ownership the day of the game. So there was no longer the dark cloud of scandal hanging over the team and the fact that he is a local owner made it even better.

I love how we were able to view the game from the suite as well as in the seats outside of the suite. And of course the Railhawks won 3-1.

[Tweet “VIP Treatment, a Win, & New Ownership makes for a great @RailHawksFC experience”]

But the highlight of the whole night came after the game when we were escorted down to the field and got to interact with the players. That was so cool. We were surprised by a few things for example:


How tall Leo was? Just look at this picture. My girls are not tall by any means but their boyfriends are and even in this picture Lex and Lyman seem short compared to Leo.


And we loved seeing Naz. Mikaela can’t wait to start training with him again. I hated that he broke a bone in his foot and he was out for the game but I guess if he had to break a bone it is better to do it  going into the off-season.

akira collage
Then of course, we were excited that two of our favorites are back in orange. Akira has been a family favorite for years.

Daniel Jackson is a new favorite from last year. He scored the only goal against a Landon Donovan LA Galaxy team for a Railhawks win last year.


Of course I was super excited that a favorite of our whole family came up and I didn’t even have to ask him for a picture he just knew. LOL 😉 I  mean I did write several blog posts about him last year. And long time followers know that is Austin da Luz.


Hopefully they all will be back again next year.

girls on the field
So I will say all in all we had a very fun evening as if you couldn’t tell from the pictures. However I will say that I paid for it the last few days since the game because I spent Saturday and Sunday sleeping on and off because the Bronchitis finally did me in. Thank you Zach and all the Railhawks staff that made us feel so welcome.

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