Allie’s First Trip to the Beach

This post is made possible because my mommy got an ambassadorship with Beneful.  She is now #FriendsofBeneful.

ALLIE AND beach feature

Hey Folks,

Allie here. I just got back from my first real vacation; normally when my parents and sisters go on the road, I stay with my Nana. But this time, I got to go. And my first trip was really exciting. Of course, we had to stop so my mommy could get a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. I don’t mind because she lets me have a little bit of the whipped cream, and I love that.

Allie Pillow

I started out the trip in the back seat, riding like a princess in my bed. But before too long I was in the middle between Gracie and Mikaela lying on a pillow. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we got to our destination.

The beach house

I was excited because my Aunt Nise and cousins Matthew and Mason were already there. Once we unloaded the car, we walked down to the beach.

beach view

My eyes just couldn’t get over how beautiful everything was. And this was just my view from the walkway. After we got off the walkway, my feet hit the sand. I wasn’t too sure of that feeling, but I just decided to go along with it.

Allie in the sand

I wasn’t too sure of the sound of the waves, but I went along with my sisters and my cousin Mason to check out the water.

Allie with her sisters and her cousins

My mommy took me for a walk on the beach, and I saw several other dogs. Three triplet Yorkshire terriers who became my friends and one big labrador that scared me a lot. Finally, it was time to head back to the house for dinner. I can’t tell you how much I love seeing that walkway. I kept trying to run up and catch my sisters.

back from the beach

Dinner for my family was pizza. But for me it was Beneful. Did you know that Beneful just came out with a new recipe of the Beneful Originals with Beef? What is so great about the new recipe you ask? First, no sugar added, and second the first ingredient that they add to the recipe is real meat. I mean really who wants to eat some fake meat. Not me. My mommy was smart and ordered a FREE sample here because she knew it would perfect for our beach trip. Here I am in the kitchen eating it.

Allie eating Beneful

Finally, it was time for us all to go to bed. I will admit that I didn’t sleep so well that night because the bird Tiki kept squawking.

Day two at the beach started out a little later than unusual because we waited until my Nana got there to go down to the beach. But when we did go down my mommy remembered my bowl, water, and Beneful food. I just needed a bowl for my food because remember I can drink water from a bottle.

Allie on beach with Beneful

I also tried going into the water again. This time with my Aunt Nise and Mikaela.

Allie on beach with Aunt Nise and Kata

This time, I thought to myself that I am going to be brave and rushed into the waves. My mommy took this picture right before I turned around and hightailed it right back to her.

Running toward the wave

I will say that I did like the feel of the wind in my face but the water not so much. And don’t worry about the kittens and Tutu they were home being pampered by Mikaela’s boyfriend, Lyman. And yes I did share my Beneful with Tutu. I mean sharing is caring. One last thing before I go don’t forget to get your FREE Sample of Beneful dog food here.

Allie Sign Off for Beneful Post

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  1. Well it looks like someone had a great trip and loves the beach! And got a good meal at the end of the day too. We have pups and they love Beneful. We will have to check out that free sample too.

  2. Glad to know that they are offering free samples. I hate getting a bag of food for my fur baby only to end up being given away because he does not like it. I think Beneful will be something my fur baby will enjoy too.

  3. Aww, what a fun new experience! It’s nice that there was some delicious Beneful dog food to refuel with after all the excitement.

  4. What an awesome experience! You have such a cute pup. If only my dogs were that well behaved!

  5. Awe it looks like she had a blast at the beach. I have always wanted to take my dog to the beach. I will have to give it a try before the weather gets cold.

  6. Oh Allie! You are so precious. I hope you had a fun time at the beach. That was so brave of you to check out the waves. Maybe next time it won’t be so scary!
    Thanks for linking up your beach story at the #HomeMattersParty

  7. What a little doll!! I remember taking our dog to the beach for the first time, he was kind of like “what is that?” I guess being from AZ, he wasn’t used to it! ha/ha #HomeMattersParty

  8. It sounds like she had a great trip to the beach. That last picture of her is flat out adorable! I love shit zus! Spyro is half shit zhu. Beneficial is a great dog food brand.

  9. Oh, how cute! Our Sunny has never been to the beach, but she LOVES the sunshine. (Her foster mom originally named her Sunshine, because she loved it so much.) I’m glad Allie had a good trip. #HomeMattersParty

  10. Looks like she enjoyed her first trip to the beach! The pictures are great! Glad to be co-hosting with you. Love #HomeMattersParty 🙂

  11. What fun! We have not taken our dog to the beach with us. I’m not sure how much he’d love the water. But I bet he’d love the sand. Sounds look your pup had a great time 🙂 #HomeMattersParty

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