Items to Buy If You Are a New Pet Owner

Items to Buy If You Are a New Pet Owner from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Pets can be intimidating. First-time pet owners struggle to figure out their needs due to a language barrier. Time is needed to figure out the unique nature of an animal, its habits, and communication patterns. Potty training needs to be done, and desirable behaviors need to be encouraged through positive reinforcement. However, that’s nothing to fret about. It helps if you have friends with pets who can share their own experiences. Otherwise, you can do your research on how to welcome a new pet home. Here’s a basic list of items that a pet owner should invest in.


Electronic collars are used to train dogs through stimulation and vibration. The Educator ET-300 mini is used to train small dogs remotely. The collar is light enough to be less noticeable, and it can be worn by difficult dogs as well. The collar functions through vibration and tone-only modes and 100 levels of medical-grade static stimulation. You can change the settings to suit a dog’s temperament and sensitivity levels.

The collar is controlled with a hand-held transmitter which can be operated at a distance of a half mile from the dog. It also has a LED light included. The advantage of this collar is that it will train your dog using Pavlovian psychology. Whenever they behave unpleasantly, the collar can be used to induce a slightly unpleasant physical sensation to discourage them. The feeling will not be painful or hurt the dog.

Identification Tag

New dogs are under training. They may not understand their surroundings completely. There’s a high chance they may try to run away or leave the premises, which can be potentially dangerous. An identification tag is essential so passersby know who a dog belongs to. They should note the owner’s name as well as their place of residence so the dog can be returned home safely.

Chew Toys

Dogs love to chew. Often dog owners find scratches and teeth marks on their furniture, doors, and, sadly, shoes. This is clearly an unpleasant behavior. Hence, a dog needs to be distracted from chewing on household objects with the help of chew toys. Whenever they try to chew on something, a rawhide bone or a chew toy needs to be given to them for chewing. This will establish much-needed boundaries. And if your pup is an aggressive chewer, you will want to check out some chew toys for aggressive chewers.

Grooming Supplies

A clean dog is a healthy dog. Ideally, you should give your dog a proper bath at least twice a month. However, they should be groomed every day or every other day. The grooming supplies you should have on hand are nail clippers, a boar brush for the coat, a scrubbing brush, a non-toxic cleanser, paper towels, and gentle dog shampoo and conditioner. A special toothbrush and toothpaste for canines are also available on the market so you can clean their teeth regularly.


Treats are essential during training. They can be used to encourage desirable behaviors and discourage unpleasant ones. Familiar treats are cookies and rawhide. However, never forget that chocolate can be toxic to dogs. Make sure their treats do not include it in any form.

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