Travelling to Well Travelled Beer

On a corner across from the local police and fire departments sits a building that is reminiscent of days gone by. It is a window to another world, a world full of wonder and uniquely made things. I ventured into this building a few days ago when they offered a free wine tasting. And to say I fell in love with it would so be understating how much this place really appealed to me.

Well Travelled Beer Outside

The place is Well Travelled Beer. It is located on the corner of Chestnut and Center Street. From the outside, it looks like a crisp, clean building that looks almost like an old-fashioned saloon with its long windows but inside it is like you walking into a whole new world.

Well Travelled Beer

When my friend Mandy and I first walked in, I was impressed with the artwork that adorned the walls. The murals are totally out of this world. The staff was very friendly welcoming us inside. As we were tasting wines, I noticed all the details that went into making this home Goldsboro’s first Craft beer store. I mean just look at the details.  If you want to know more about homebrewed beer, visit Beertannica.

Well Travelled Beer Bar

I mean seriously look at the mural that is near the bar.

pallet shelves

I loved the pallet shelves behind the bar.

Exposed Brick Wall Well Travelled Beer

And the exposed brick walls were amazing.

Wines We Tasted

As we started tasting the wine, I was impressed with not only the fact that most of the wines were yummy but also how freely the conversation flowed.  We made a few new friends.

Wine I Bought

I ended up buying a bottle of the first wine we tasted to take with us to the beach. ( Family vacation with all the family this weekend) I just hope my sister likes it.

Well travelled beer Wine Tasting Crowd

As I was checking out, I got bold and gave the guy who waited on us my business card and told him that I was going to write about my first experience there. And I said I would be back. But as I was talking to him about my blog, I mentioned that I had just written a post about The Country Squire. And what he said next totally sealed the deal in coming back. They sell my favorite wine!!!!! Yes, finally a place in Goldsboro that I can get my favorite wine by the bottle, no more trekking the winery to stock up. 😉 Seriously folks it is my favorite wine of all time. And I will so be going back soon.

[info_box type=”pale_box”]Well Travelled Beer is a bottle shop and bar, located in downtown Goldsboro on the corner of Chestnut and Center Street. [/info_box]

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  1. Hi Melissa!

    I agree with you about the settings of the place! It is so fab and so creative! Thank you for posting this as I am searching places for best wines. I am just wondering how much will be the price range of their wines?

    Have a great day and keep blogging! 🙂

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Glad to hear that you can have your favorite wine near Goldsboro. I think what makes that place enjoyable are the people and the artistic murals on the wall. Would really loved to visit that place too. What are the wines that you have freely taste in The Well Travelled Beer?

    Thanks for sharing

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