4 Safety Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Beach

4 Safety Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Beach from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Taking your dog to the beach? Your dog is ready when you are. If it’s your first time to take your furry buddy to the beach, then you’re in luck. Summer is here, and it’s high time your dog gets a taste of crazy running along the shoreline, to his or her heart’s content, and start loving the sun, sand, and water as much as you do.

What you need to make sure of is that your pup is safe while he or she is romping around, having the best time of his or her life. Before you grab the towel and head out, you need to bring along a few essentials for your dog’s safety and comfort.

Pack your dog’s beach bag with the basics—leash, collar, shoes, sunscreen, and yummy dog bones. You may want to bring in your waterproof dog car seat too so you don’t get as much sand on your back seat when you head for home later on.

But most importantly, take the necessary precautions to keep your pup safe at all times while he or she is on land and in the water. Here are a few safety hazard tips you need to watch out for your buddy’s sake.

Stay Away from the Heat

All that running under the sun and on the sand may result to harm if not done in moderation. Dogs are prone to overheating too if left on their own for too long. 

Breeds with flat faces and noses like pugs, chihuahuas, Shih Tzu, and bulldogs are prone to shortness of breath and other respiration-related problems. When dogs run all day under the heat, they may subject their furry little bodies to too much stress. 

Make sure you take a large beach umbrella with you so your dog can cool off under the umbrella’s shade and relax a bit or maybe take a nap even. Also, keep your buddy hydrated at all times by continually filling up his or her favorite cup.

Don’t forget that it’s not just the sun; the sand can also cause distress to your dog. His or her little paws are tender, and when exposed to dangerous temperatures all day long, they will eventually burn.

There are lots of small objects in the sand as well that you may not see right away, sharp tiny things like shards of glass, nails, or even fishing hooks. You don’t want to expose your dog to that kind of risk, so make sure your pup’s paws are protected and keep his or her shoes on.

Keep an Eye Out for the Water

While you may be sitting and relaxing in front of a large body of water, keep in mind that there are loads of things that can potentially hurt your dog. 

Some beaches have an overgrowth of jellyfishes, so make sure you keep away from them. You’ll know because the locals will always put up warning signs around the area. It’s best to steer clear of the water that’s in any way unfit for your dog, and scout for dog-friendly beaches instead.

When you’re ready to go for a swim, babysit your dog as much as you can, and see if he or she can adjust and stay afloat. Try not to leave your dog alone, especially if you see surfers and boats in the area. Also, make sure to keep your dog from guzzling in saltwater while swimming. This can cause a lot of health problems later on, so try to avoid that from happening at all cost.

Rinse before Going Home

By the time you’re ready to call it a day, take your dog to a nearby shower, and rinse him or her with clean water. Wash away as much sand and salt as you can from his or her coat. Dry your pup with a towel.

To minimize that wet dog smell when you’re in the car, do your best to dry up his or her ears. That’s where the smell usually comes from. Or better yet, drive home with your windows rolled down and your dog’s ears flapping around with happiness and content after a fun day at the beach.

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