Spending the Morning at the Dog Park

This post is made possible because my mommy got an ambassadorship with Beneful.  She is now #FriendsofBeneful

Hey Folks,

Allie here! I wanted to tell you about a cool outing that my older sister Tutu and I did with my mommy and my human sister Mikata. (That’s my name for Mikaela). We went to check out a local dog park.

Car Ride to the Dog Park

At first, I was a little scared as I normally don’t ride in the car with my big sister Tutu. As you call Tutu doesn’t even know how to ride in the car. Silly Tutu you are supposed to be facing forward not backward.

Dogi Pot

Once we got to the Dog Park. I saw this sign and decided to make a deposit. Of course, Tutu decided a few minutes later that she wanted to be like me and made her own deposit.

I am looking at Tutu and telling her, "I can't believe you did that!!" Jokes on Mikata LOL
I am looking at Tutu and telling her, “I can’t believe you did that!!” Jokes on Mikata LOL

So walked around the dog park it seemed like forever. I am so out of shape, or maybe it is because my feet hardly touch the ground because I am a princess.

Dog park with my sisters

Of course. I was so tired, that I had to stop and get some water. Did you know that I know how to drink water out of a bottle?

dog park water

Here I am drinking out of the bottle? I also love that Tutu and I can spend some sister bonding time together.

Walking at dog park

I love that my town has a dog park but not all towns have one.  That is why I am so glad that my mommy is an ambassador for Beneful because they have started a cool new project called the Beneful Dream Dog Park Project. I love it when my mommy works with companies that are all about the furbabies. Dog parks provide a special place for dogs and owners to bond and socialize with each other and the community. Over the past five years, they’ve been helping to build and/or improve dog parks across the country. The program started out as a contest, and the Beneful team visited one winning community each year to provide a Dream Dog Park renovation. Since then, the program has evolved to bring more joy to more communities across the country. This year’s goal is to support a total of 12 parks through donation, service days, etc., and we’re excited to partner with GoFundMe this year to help further our mission. How cool is that?

I can’t wait to see what else Beneful has in store for us.

Allie Sign Off for Beneful Post

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  1. The Dream Dog Park program sounds terrific. Isn’t it nice when the companies you buy from support great community programs? #HomeMattersParty

  2. Glad that your town has a good place for your fur-babies, and I know they enjoy that moments to walk with you and his older sister, they are a blessing and i’m happy to see how you manage to take good care of those two adorable doggy. Good luck and more power.

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