Recalling My First Airplane Ride

airplane ride

Most people when they first go on an airplane ride, typically go on short trips. I am pretty sure that most of you have done that. Most of our children have been on planes before, sadly mine have not. And they probably won’t be in the near future. I will admit that my first plane ride did not happen until I was an adult. It wasn’t a short trip either. I flew from North Carolina to Alaska.

Looking back now, I realized how unprepared I was for the flight. If I had known the Essentials for Long-Haul Flight, I think somehow my flight would have been different. First, let me explain why I went all that way. My best friend from college had just had a baby.  And I wanted to see baby Elizabeth. So taking some time off of work I with the aid of my parents.(Yep I was that clueless) I booked my flight.

I was worried about what I would wear. I think a wore a dress and heels. Big mistake, the plane was so cold, and I never could get comfortable. Plus I had to run to catch my connecting flight in Chicago. And if you have ever been to Chicago you know that airport is huge. I also wished I had packed snacks as well as gum. Usually, I don’t chew gum, but that altitude all my ears did was pop, and I could not hear a thing. Plus it would have given me something to do to pass the time.

And let’s not talk about the air sickness. Yep folks, I never knew that was a thing until this flight. I was totally sick the whole fight. I think I even kissed the ground when we finally landed. I was so thankful to be alive. 🙂 The flight back I was better prepared for the journey. And I have been on several air excursions since then, but my first airplane ride will be something I will always remember, in more ways than one.

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