5 Things to Know Before Getting Your First Puppy

Is it just us or are you missing something in your life? You may feel like you have found joy or that you are starting to feel better, but that there is a small piece missing. You have crafted ‘til your heart’s content and yet still, something isn’t quite right? Ok, yeah, we are on the same page. You definitely need a puppy! We have a feeling you were going do this without us anyway, so we figured we would tell you a few things to make sure you are prepared for what comes next in the world of puppy parenthood.

5 Things to Know Before Getting Your First Puppy from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

1. Your life is about to change

*Uses parental voice on its sternest setting* You know that a puppy isn’t like a plant, you can’t just forget about it one day and care about it the next, right? Puppies need love and care and attention. Are you sure you are in the proper place in your life to have one? *Ok, back to our regular supportive voices* Though the points others have made are extremely valid, if you are ready for a puppy, then go for it! But do know that your life will indeed change. No more staying out until 2am with your friends if your puppy hasn’t had dinner yet. And this might be your final goodbye to sleeping in on the weekends (unless you have a doggy door for the puppy to let itself out for an early morning potty trip). Yes, these all sound like scary changes, but if you are willing to adjust to puppy parenthood, come on in, the water’s fine!

2. Your phone will never have enough space

You know when you see a cute puppy in public and you feel the urge to snap a picture or two or fifteen? Imagine that feeling but it is your own fur baby that you see 24/7. How will your phone hold all the cuteness?! We definitely recommend getting an external hard drive, to make sure you have tons of space for all those cute photos and videos! Seagate has all different capacity drives for whatever space you think you may need. Just because the puppy grows up, doesn’t mean it will stop being cute. A higher capacity hard drive will ensure you are covered for its entire life.

3. Your home might not be properly prepared

You may not remember learning for yourself, but potty training is hard. Much less teaching a puppy (who doesn’t speak) how to pee only outside. It is a good idea to have some puppy pads on hand, until your furry friend gets the hang of things. Leave them in the spaces that the puppy most frequents or has had an accident before. That way your floors are covered in case they are too late to tell you they have to go.

4. Have tons of toys and treats at the ready

Just because you get a puppy doesn’t mean that your life has magically cleared time for you in other ways. You still have all your other commitments in line. This means you may not always have time to get to the pet store to try out new toys and treats for your pup. Don’t worry though, because BarkBox has you covered. They will send you and your fur baby a box every month that is stocked full of treats and toys and chews, oh my! And just in case your pup seems dissatisfied with what comes in the box, they will work with you to make it right. 

5 Things to Know Before Getting Your First Puppy from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

5. Your puppy may be anxious upon first arrival

As humans, we become anxious in new settings. Know that your puppy may experience some of that anxiety upon first meeting you, too. A good option to consider is a CBDfx pet tincture. CBDfx doesn’t use any harsh solvents or toxins, so you know your pup is always safe. They also have different concentration levels for you to pick from based on your puppy’s size and weight, allowing you to pick the product perfect for them to ease into their new home and relax.

There of course are so many lessons to be learned and things to know before diving into this next chapter of puppy parenthood. But we have faith that you will be a great parent to your lovable new pup!

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