Oh How I Wish I was a Cat!

This post is sponsored by Nakturnal. But I really do want to be a cat. 

Hey Folks,

Allie again. How have you been? Me, I been hanging in there. Playing with my favorite toy Bun Bun and thinking deep thoughts. Do you know I often wonder what it would be like to be a cat?

Allie Cat Post

No, I am not joking, seriously folks I spend days thinking about all the freedom I would have. First, I would be able to run around outside without my people near me. Second, I could eat anything I want. ( But there is a downside to that, I probably wouldn’t get as many french fries as I do now.)

I could get fed every time someone walks out the back door because I am cute like that. It seems that Markie, Jinxy, and Tyger get fed all the time.

Plus I wouldn’t have to worry about being told to be quiet when I am barking because cats don’t bark, they Purr, and Meow. And my mommy says that a cat’s purr is about the prettiest sound she has ever heard.

No more pesky baths for me, because I can clean myself. (But on the downside there would be no more trips to Mrs. April’s for my spa day.)

Allie Cat

But I think the best part would be is that I would be able to use the bathroom inside without being yelled at because now if I use it inside boy do I get scolded. Seriously cat litter is probably the best invention ever. Who would have thought that best cat litter boxes for odor control would be the greatest thing on earth?

MyMy and HeHe Cat

I know when MyMy and Helix ( my nephews) come to visit, I am so jealous of the fact that they can use the bathroom inside and Maddie, my sister, doesn’t get mad because she has to clean it out.

I mean seriously folks, I already do some things like a cat anyway. I love to lay on the back of the couch like a cat does. I sometimes poop and pee inside but not in a litter box. And I always beg for food; sometimes I am successful.
So what do you think about me becoming a cat? I am thinking that the twins, Jinxy and Tyger will want to write a follow-up post on wanting to become a dog. Is the grass always greener on the other side?

Allie Sign Off

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