Top 4 Most Comforting Occupation Types in Today’s Economy


Let’s face it, more young people are apprehensive about going to college and pursuing a degree now than ever before. Is it because the youth of society is degenerating and becoming less intelligent by the generation, or is this hesitation the result of logical train of thought based on the need for assurance? The problem is, people are afraid of the negative outcome. Nobody wants to be the guy who went to school for four years and then wound up working at the burger joint down the street and is still heavily burdened by student loan debt. If you’re strongly considering going to college for the purpose of scoring a good paying job that you’ll enjoy, but want an occupation that’ll give you the comfort of knowing it’ll be worthwhile, here are four career paths you may want to consider:

1. Registered Nurse

This is a profession that comes up frequently in discussions like this, and for good reason – nurses make an average salary of $72,000 to $79,000 per year and there about a quarter million nursing job ads posted every year. Experts are certain that there’s going to be a major nursing shortage in the next decade because of the number of aging nurses that are retiring or moving to other fields. So you could safely spend the time to pursue a master of science in nursing online and in four years you’d be a prime candidate for an excellent job in just about every city.

2. Computer Technology Specialist

As technology inevitably grows, so does the demand for computer specialists. The great thing about this field of study is that it covers so many different occupations that you can pursue with the knowledge gained. Once you know computer programming, server administration, and website/application development, you’re pretty much guaranteed a good paying job. For example, there are about 100,000 new job ad postings for computer systems analysts per year, and that’s just one sector. This kind of degree is also appealing because it presents the opportunity of working from home.

3. Truck Driving

There about 70,000 new truck driving job ads posted every year and that number is climbing rapidly. The salary is quite decent considering the simplicity of the job. Of course, there are challenges associated with being a trucker, but once you’ve become accustomed to that you’re getting paid up to $50,000 or more annually just to drive a big truck around on schedule. This kind of job is great for travelers and people who like road trips.

4. Business Management and Retail

Last year there were about 85,000 new job ads for supervisors and managers of retail stores. These positions pay a decent salary of $30,000 to $40,000 and there are plenty of jobs in this sector due to the broadness of what the degree covers. With a degree in business management you can apply for all sorts of positions, such as clothing store manager, office supervisor, or restaurant manager, so you’ll have a lot of options out of the gate.

Comfort vs. High Pay

There are jobs that have inherently high salaries but are notoriously difficult, like being a surgeon. While it is an admirable trait to want to be a surgeon, it takes a certain type of person to commit to that. If you’re just looking for a way to make a comfortable living with your occupation over a long period of time for the sake of financial stability, the four kinds of occupations listed above are great choices.

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