Have A Flipping Good Valentine’s And A Love Fuelled Pancake Day!

Valentine's Day and Pancake Day Love
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There are two big events knocking on our doorstep and yet again we find ourselves looking into our purses questioning how we are going to get through Valentine’s Day and then stock up in time for pancake day.  

The truth is that we are almost expected now to celebrate these occasions regardless of whether we are religious or even in love! Children make sure we dig deep into our hearts and make the most of every day there is, from Mother’s Day to Christmas, Easter to Harvest.  There is always something we need to buy a card, purchase a gift or put on a slap up meal for.  So how can you get involved without spending a small fortune on little tokens of love?

Valentine’s Day is traditionally one spent celebrating the love between you and your partner.  However, you may not have someone special in your life right now.  Love is much more than that, we share this emotion with our parents and our children and if we are lucky, our friends.  What we don’t need to do is spend anything more than time.

Coming in February it is a month where the first of the spring flowers come bursting through, so getting outside and gathering up some of nature’s finest is a lovely gesture for a loved one.  Knowing you have taken the time to pick these blooms will mean a lot more than a bunch of overpriced roses.

Love fueled with romantic letters
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Making cards by hand is also a simple creative task that you can do in the evening.  Either by printing out your favorite photos from an album or putting pen to paper and drawing a unique and personal card.  You don’t have to head out to the shops to blow your wages.  Words mean more than the paper they are written on, so take the time to really put feeling in your writing.  Use the opportunity to say thank you or apologize if you haven’t given as much attention as you would like to have.  Even a simple, I love you, will make the receiver feel brand new.

Instead of heading to the high street look at subscribing to a secret sales site like Cocosa.  Here you can find designer greats at a fraction of the cost.  From homeware to fashion and various cosmetics.  You can save a fortune if you search out the best sales on the internet.  There are also brilliant websites specializing in gifts under $10, whilst novelty trinkets aren’t for everyone they can be a really good way of saying you care.  Another great option is to split the cost by looking at a subscription gift.  This is also great because for as little as $12 a month you can say ‘I love you’ every single month!

Pancake day is actually a brilliant event! Because most of the ingredients we have in our stocks already.  For a really simple, low spend the day then bust out the flour, egg, and milk then top with a simple squeeze of lemon and some sugar.  If you want to push the boat out then adding banana and chocolate spread is a tasty treat.  There are loads of great Pancake recipes online, so check out what is in your store already and get creative!

If you want to make a little more of an event on Pancake day and give your kids a low-cost party then you could blast out a few invitations and open your kitchen up to your family and friends.  Even ask your guests to bring their own toppings then set out your kitchen worktops as a fun pancake making factory.  You can buy batter from most food stores if you don’t fancy whipping it up yourself, however, there is something quite satisfying within all that whisking and beating.  You might need a couple of pans so you can have a flipping competition but that’s about it! The rest is simply about using your imagination and forgetting you are a grown up for a little while.

love fueled with food
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Of course, if you want to get into the mood for these sweet little treats before the big day then you could make some heart shaped delights on February the 14th.  Just melt some chocolate and slice some strawberries in half, then enjoy a romantic evening of sticky messy goodness.  What you get up to after is up to you!

Don’t worry about spending money this month.  It is about love, giving and sharing.  You don’t need to empty your purse to hit the heart of it.  So invest a little bit of yourself and save your pennies for another day.  Most of all, have fun!

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