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A few weeks ago, I met one of my great friends for lunch. We don’t get together often but when we do we try to find places to try that are new to both of us. (Sadly, I forgot to snap pictures of the inside, but that is okay I heard the princesses from Coco Darlings were there, so I was able to get some inside pictures from my friends Courtney. See even princesses love this place.)

great harvest free slices samples
This time, our lunch date was at the Great Harvest Bread Company. This little delight is located in a strip mall on Ash Street in Goldsboro. But don’t let that fool you. As I was waiting for my friend to arrive, I was shocked at how packed the little bistro was. Luckily, it cleared out a little before my friend arrived, so we were able to find a seat.

great harvest and princesses
As I walked inside, I was totally impressed with the interior of the restaurant. It was quite homey.We walked up to the counter to place our order; the staff was extremely pleasant and as a plus, you are offered a sample of some of their pieces of bread. I got a sample of Kings Cake. So that was my dessert.

Great Harvest Soup and 1-2 Sandwich
I ordered a cup of their vegetable soup and 1/2 of a California Cobb Sandwich. This sandwich was totally yummy. It was a smoked turkey sandwich with pecan smoked bacon, fresh avocado, lettuce, tomato, and onions with a herb bleu cheese spread. I opted not to have the spread on the sandwich because I am not a big bleu cheese fan.  I will say I had trouble eating everything. About half way through the sandwich and soup I was totally stuffed.

great harvest and cocos (1)
I think the Great Harvest Bread Company is one of the hidden secrets in Goldsboro, and I plan to go back and eat lunch there again one day soon.

[info_box type=”pale_box”]Great Harvest Bread Company is located at 1721 Ash Street in Goldsboro, NC. It is a must experience if you are in Goldsboro. But if you aren’t in Goldsboro, check and see if there is a Great Harvest Bread Company near you. [/info_box]


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