Trying Some Place New : Jay’s Sushi and Burger Bar


This year I decided that this would be the year that I would start living a life of no regrets. With that said, I have started to do things and experience new things getting out of my comfort zone.

One of those things was to try sushi. I have always been afraid to try it, as I have always heard so much negative about it. But I am glad that I have some adventurous friends who force me out of my little box.


One such friend is Sharon. She is someone who I would call my partner in crime. For two years, I was the interim music teacher for K-2 at our local elementary school. Sharon was and still is the music teacher for the upper grades. We were like two peas in a pod and since that time she has become a very dear friend to me.  One day, when her kids were at camp and my girls were busy doing their own thing we decided to have a girl’s night out. We started at a Hinnant Family Vineyards. Noticed the pattern with most of my friends we always end up with wine.


Here is what we drank at the winery. Raul calls them “Smooshies”!


After the wine tasting and stopping by to see her new house, we headed into downtown Goldsboro to Jay’s  Sushi and Burger Bar.


I know what you are thinking sushi and burgers, that doesn’t sound like they go together. But once you experience it, you will totally get it. Once you step inside Jay’s, you can’t help but be impressed with the decor. I mean just look at it.


As you know I was a little leery trying the sushi, so Sharon decided to get a burger just in case I didn’t like the sushi.


I ordered the Goldsboro Roll. And it was totally delicious. In fact, there was more than what I could eat so I ended up bringing it home for the girls. And guess who loves Sushi now? Gracie keeps asking to go there.


Sharon ordered the burger, and OMG when that burger came I was totally impressed. Have you ever had a burger with a fried egg on it and the white sauce? I mean white sauce makes everything taste better.

My first sushi experience was incredible and I have been dying to go back and experience it again and again. Tell me have you ever tried Sushi before?

[info_box type=”pale_box”]Jay’s Sushi and Burger Bar is located at 108 N. John Street in Downtown Goldsboro, NC.[/info_box]

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  1. I’ve heard of this place. Wasn’t sure about Sushi and Burgers in the same location but you make it sound fun!
    xo, Lee

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