Exploring The Country Squire Inn and Winery

Exploring the Country Squire

I know I promised more on my birthday adventures and here is part of them. Yep, we went a lot of places that weekend and I am still traveling. I have decided this year is about new experiences and finding different places in my beloved home state of North Carolina to explore. Today, I am taking you back in time to one of my favorite wineries, The Country Squire.

Country Squire Door

The Country Squire is an amazing place that mixes old and new traditions. On a Saturday afternoon, my husband and I drove down to check out their winery. I had been there before with my friend Kathi but Raul had never been there. Kathi was actually the one to introduce me to this winery. It happened a few years ago on my birthday when she gave me a bottle of their wine and that was all it took. I have been hooked ever since.

Wine Tasting at the Country Squire

I was totally impressed with the scenery of the inn. I love places that have a little bit of history tied to it. And this place is overflowing with history. While we were wine tasting, our host told us stories of the inn. We were even shown pictures of people who lived there. How cool is that? I will have to say that a few of the wines were on my list to take home but since I knew we had more birthday adventures in front of us, I had to settle for one. That wasn’t hard to decide because my absolute favorite wine is their Apple Orchard Riesling. There are very few places outside the winery that sell it so I knew I was going home with a bottle. I have yet to open it as I am saving it for a special occasion.

Tree at the Country Squire

But back to the inn. After we finished our wine tasting our host gave us a tour of the Inn. Did you know it is supposed to be haunted? In fact a few years ago, my friend Kathi had her picture taken there and a ghost appeared in the background. I kid you not. I have yet to see a ghost there but that is totally cool in my book.

Country Squire Suit of Armor

On our tour, we got to see suits of armor and several trees that are growing inside the restaurant.  I mean this is seriously a cool place. Don’t believe me just check out the collage below.

The Country Squire Pinterest

Look for more adventures coming soon. This was the second stop on the birthday train the first was a visit to Carowinds.

[info_box type=”pale_box”]The Country Squire Restaurant and Vintage Inn is located between the beautiful and historic towns of Kenansville and Warsaw, North Carolina. The old-world charm of this world famous restaurant and inn combination on Hwy. NC 50/24 Bus., has thrilled diners and guests since 1961. If you are ever in the area, this is a definite must see. [/info_box]

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  1. A haunted winery with ghosts and wine?! Count me in! That sounds like a good time to me, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun. It’s really charming that they take you back in time. Also, the Apple Orchard Riesling sounds amazing; I would love to try it. I’m glad you had a good time. Happy birthday!

    NCsquared Life

  2. This is amazing! I love exploring NC. My husband and I are actually going on a Distillery tour this weekend in Chapel Hill at Top of the Hill. We can’t wait to try something in our own backyard.
    xo, Lee

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