Vintage Meets Modern at The Peach Boutique

The Peach Boutique

On the quiet little main street in a quiet town sits a one of a kind boutique. From the outside, it looks like any other brick and mortar store, but once you step inside its doors, you are transported into another world.

New Life

It is a place where vintage meets modern. It is a place for relics of days gone by go not to die but to be reborn and given a new purpose. I would be lying if I didn’t say that stepping into The Peach Boutique inspired me to create my cat feeding station!

Peach Boutique Vintage Suitcase

The Peach Boutique hasn’t been in business long- but I can see it lasting a long time. It was created by April Melrose. Why? Because she wanted to bring to Goldsboro, a shop that would allow local artisans a place to showcase their work as well as a place for people to spend their dollars locally instead of traveling to other locations.

Vintage Canopy

One day, my friend Mandy and I went to check it out as we had a few minutes before the wine tasting at Well Travelled Beer. Once we stepped inside, I knew that this was a story in the making. Before the weekend was up, I had contacted the owner ( who ironically I knew from teaching her children) and time was set to meet up.
In our hour or so long conversation, we discussed everything from the purpose of the store to the history of the building itself.

Vintage Displays

That is what makes The Peach Boutique different – a mixture of old and new. Seriously folks if I had to choose one item from the store it would be a hard decision. There were so many unique items that choosing one would be practically impossible.

Boutique items

But what I also loved about this shop is that they also carry boutique items. What do I mean by this? They carry clothing and accessories for today’s women. April makes sure that she chooses one of a kind pieces for her shop.
But all these things weren’t the only things that drew me to the boutique. Their campaign to Spread Joy within the community is admirable. You see for a while downtown Goldsboro has been given a bad rap, but the store owners and residents are reclaiming the town and bringing it back to its former glory.

Spread Joy

April decided to paint angel wings on canvas and post it outside her shop, challenging people to #SpreadJoy. She encourages people to stop and snap a photo and post it on social media.

[info_box type=”pale_box”]If you are ever in downtown Goldsboro, you need to check out The Peach Boutique. It is located at 224 N. Center Street. You can also check out their Facebook page. I promise you that this is one store that knows about giving back to the community. [/info_box]



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  1. The Peach Boutique looks like a charming place to shop in. I love boutique shops finding treasures inside and finding the treasures at affordable prices is what I enjoy. Funny thing is my name is Mandy so your friend and I are name twins while almost my name is Amanda but friends call me Mandy.
    It’s nice to come across your blog.

  2. Hi Melissa!

    I love stories like this! There is nothing better than a local business that is making a difference in their community. The angel wings and #SpreadJoy is an ingenious way to spread kindness. And who couldn’t use a little joy and kindness? Thank you for sharing with us!


  3. This is such a cool shop. It seems like there is a lot of unique things you can find there! I like that there is a good mixture of old and new pieces!

  4. I love this store! There are so many good things in there that could find new owners. Pre-loved items are always a great find, because you know they were kept in good condition. I also love their #SpreadJoy campaign. A little act of kindness can really go a long way.

  5. Peach Boutique sounds amazing and I would definitely love exploring one such cool shops that has a mix of vintage & modern style. The SpreadJoy campaign sounds great as well and it is infact a good marketing idea too!

  6. The Peach Boutique looks like such a fun store to visit. So many finds inside! I love it. Happy to be co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty with you this week!

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