Bidding Farewell to 2014 Railhawks Team

bidding farewell to 2014 Carolina Railhawks

Last week was kind of a strange week for me. I was faced with the dilemma of what to do on a Saturday night. For the first time since April, there was no Carolina Railhawks game to attend or watch on the net. What was I to do? There are so many mixed emotions running through my head. I was sad because I didn’t know if some of the players from this year’s team will be back. Plus it also saddens me because that was the only time that I could see my oldest daughter. She is away at college but since where the Railhawks play is half way between her college and our house so she would drive down and meet us at the game. This was the time that we would be together as a whole family. Now sadly, that time has gone away.

Family time at Carolina Railhawks Game

I am also sadden because I realize that some of these players have appearance of being one thing but then they turn out to be big jerks. But then there are those who I have witnessed firsthand as being big softies but that is another blog post. So look for that on.

I am looking forward to next season with mixed emotions hoping some of the players come back, hoping that some of them will come down from their high horses and realize they are just like us and they get dressed just like us putting pants on one leg at a time. They are no better than the fans that cheer for them. And that they need to learn to appreciate those that put them where they are. Towards, the end of the season, there were some who would not even stop to sign autographs. “I mean who made them God?” But that is not to take away from those players who go the extra mile signing every autograph until the last fan leaves. So it is with mixed emotions I say farewell to the 2014 Carolina Railhawks.

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  1. What a bummer when the season ends. I am sure next season will be new and exciting.

  2. Time to find another hobby that can pass the time until they return, right?! 🙂

  3. Hopefully you and your daughter will find another reason to meet at the halfways spot. Next year’s season opener will probably be here before you know it!

  4. Super sucks when a season comes to an end! Luckily the new season will be right around the corner (or so we can pretend!)

  5. All good things come to an end…but then they come back! The time sure goes by fast between seasons when it comes to sports.

  6. It’s going to be sad not getting to meet up with your daughter as you used to but the season will start once again and the ritual will begin again.

  7. Awwies, all good things must come to an end but luckily for you, you’ll be able to do it again. Just remember the memories and keep all the photos out to remind you.

  8. I’m sure the new season will be better and also the players have better attitude. You’ll see that the new season is here fast and you can have a great time with your daughter again.

  9. It is always disappointing when a season ends. Now you can look forward to a better season next year.

  10. Sounds like a great family time. I would love to find a nearby sports team my whole family could love.

  11. Aww, it is awesome when you have those great rituals you can enjoy and create memories with.

  12. Sadly, the “sports complex” of being on a high horse are very common. Popularity and being in the spotlight, no matter how big or small does things to people.

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