Gracie’s Quinceañera: Roses From Her Court

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Wow, it seems like forever ago, but I am finally able to sit down and write a few posts about Gracie’s big day, her Quinceañera. 

Quinceañera Court given her roses Commercial silk

Gracie’s party took a lot of planning and was a lot of hard work. I was exhausted by the end of it, but as my two older girls put it “Momma, you love those sort of things.” One of the Quinceañera traditions that we started at Mikaela’s party was that each member of her court gave a rose with a letter they had personally written to her. In Mikaela’s case, the rose was white, but for Gracie’s court, the rose was red going with the theme of her Red Dress.

Quinceañera Roses Made the event commercial silk

When I found these roses way back in December, I knew that they would be perfect for her court to give to her. Until her party, in April they sat in a vase on my kitchen island. I lost count how many times that people ask who got flowers and were they real? They were that realistic. I was impressed with these roses and would so get them from Commercial Silk again. I mean just look at them.

Quinceañera Court giving her the roses commercial silk

Weeks before her party, each person in her court wrote her a letter. I would share what some of them said, but you know how teenagers are. The court then handed the letters off to me, and I  folded them like a million times ( well maybe not a million) until they were small enough to fit in the tulle bags and attached them to the roses. After the court had done their dance, each one of them walked out to the dance floor where Gracie was seated and presented her with a rose. In the above picture, it was her big sister, Mikaela’s turn.

I also had three roses set at the tables. One for my mom, her nana, and the other two for her godmothers, Catalina and Liz.

Quinceañera Roses at end of the night commercial silk

At the end of the night, when Gracie should have been helping us break everything down, we found her in one of the other rooms opening up and reading her letters. So I would say these roses were a big hit.





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  1. What a special and beautiful way to preserve these memories of this time in her life! Great idea! Also, definitely will be looking into this flower company; I love the idea of artificial flowers that look so real! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. It was one of the things we thought of for Mikaela’s and just wanted to incorporate into Gracie’s. She first wanted black roses, can you imagine how hard that would have been to find?

  3. Yep it was something we came up for Mikaela’s and we liked it so much we added it to Gracie’s. I will admit that I totally read them and they were so sweet.

  4. This is such a sweet idea! I love the idea of putting letters with the roses, and that she could keep the roses long afterward – they look so realistic.

  5. Thank you if you only knew how much we went through to get her into a dress that was anything but black.

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