3 Ways For Mom to Save A Little Extra Time

3 Ways For Mom to Save A Little Extra Time

Wow! As if doing the job of a maid, chauffeur, chef, nurse, storyteller, and bard weren’t enough, moms also have to finagle the job of Father Time, as well. We’ve all heard the saying, too much to do and not enough time to do it in. It’s true and the jobs on our resume of momdom just keep getting more numerous. How do you add minutes or hours to your day? Below are a few ways for you to do just that.

Go To Bed

Get to bed earlier. Sounds counterproductive, but it’s obvious a lot of us don’t get enough sleep. The number one thing affected when we don’t get enough sleep is our attitude. We get grumpy quicker, are more negative about the outcomes of the day, our fuse is shorter, and we simply don’t think as clear as when we’ve had a full night’s rest. What does that have to do with saving time? If we are ill rested, our overall outlook on the day suffers. This causes us to waste time with breaks downs, tantrums, and not being able to focus as well on our job. A full 8 hours of sleep allows us to keep our faculties about us so we can move through the trials of the day faster.

Prepare For Beauty

It’s the morning of your child’s Christmas recital. You have a million and one things to do before you even start getting yourself ready to go. Time seems to fly faster in these situations. I think it coincides with Murphy’s Law. Want things to fly smoother? Have your outfit already picked out the night before? This gives you time and squashes the panic of choosing what to wear. When you do your hair and makeup that morning, make sure it will suffice for the evening, as well. Having the things that take the most time already taken care of will not only give you those few precious extra minutes, it will help the stress of the evening die down, too.

Put The Kids to Work

There’s another saying. Many hands make lite work. They make it quicker, also. Everyone knows that cleaning your house often comes last on your list of priorities. Your family might think you are Super Woman, but that cape is just for looks. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Divide the chores in the house between the members of your family. Even Dad can help. Remember to keep in mind your children’s ages. With this tip, what used to take all day may only take a couple of hours.

Time is not an endless commodity for a mother. It’s more like that cheesecake you always want a piece of at Christmas, but never get, because everyone beats you to it. Hopefully, these tips will bring you closer to a fully accomplished to do list and the cheesecake, too.


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