Why You Should Only Drink In Moderation

drink in moderation

Most of us hear warnings against excessive drinking from a very young age. We grow up learning that alcohol is risky, that it should be considered a vice, and that it can lead to some pretty serious problems. But as we get older and start trying it for ourselves, these warnings tend to fade into the background a little bit. That doesn’t mean we go off the rails and start drinking heavily. But the dangers of alcohol can start to feel a little bit like the boogeyman – used to scare us against some real risks, but not particularly tangible or realistic.

That’s an understandable mindset, but it’s also a dangerous one. And that’s why some young adults would be well served being reminded of some of the risks of excessive consumption of alcohol beyond the vague idea that “alcohol is bad.” So here are five reminders of why you should only drink in moderation.

Alcohol Makes You Gain Weight

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, though many people don’t fully realize just how quickly alcohol can strain the scale. A single shot of liquor can include anywhere from 50 to 100 calories, and one beer can have well over 100 calories, even if it’s labeled “lite.” This is why studies show that 70 percent of students gain weight during college, or at least it’s one of the reasons. A night of heavy drinking can easily add a day’s worth of extra calories to your diet.

Moderate Consumption Can Be Healthy

Don’t get carried away with this idea, but there have been numerous studies that have shown that some level of moderate alcohol consumption can have health benefits. Mostly these studies point to the antioxidants in red wine, and it’s fairly common to hear that a small glass of red wine each night can be good for you. This should all serve as further incentive to drink only in moderation. It’s not just healthy because you’re not overdoing it, but rather because it has its own health perks.

You Don’t Want To Seek Help

If you drink excessively, you may one day face a reality in which you or those around you are seeking help for your problem. Thankfully, such help does exist. AA meetings can be extremely effective in combatting alcohol addiction, and full rehab clinics can get the job done in more serious cases. But let’s be honest: as helpful as these means of healing is, no one wants to have to seek help. It’s a heavy burden that can be avoided if you merely determine that when you drink, you’re going to keep it reasonable.

Alcoholism Invites Legal Trouble

If you need another reason not to drink heavily, keep in mind the threat of legal issues, which tend to catch up to heavy drinkers. You don’t want to face a situation in which you’ve gotten drunk and damaged someone’s property, or even worse, one in which you have to talk to an attorney to deal with a DUI or a similarly serious issue. These are challenges that can truly disrupt your life, not to mention the lives of those around you.

Lives Are At Stake

If nothing else, always remember that excessive drinking puts lives at risk. First and foremost, it can affect your own if you truly decide to go overboard. But when you’ve had enough alcohol to lose control of your actions, there’s no telling whom you might hurt also. In particular, the risk of getting behind the wheel while under the influence is a very serious threat, and it’s something you just don’t have full control over if you’ve had too much to drink. So it is better to play it safe and drink in moderation.

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