When Will My Reflection Show?

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There was something that drew me to that mirror I saw in the dollar store.  I wasn’t sure what it was. Was it the fact that it looked like a mirror from years gone by?  Or maybe it was because it looked like a mirror Cinderella would have used? Or maybe on a more practical note it would be a great photo prop for when I took pictures for the blog?

In any case, I stood in the cosmetics aisle of my local dollar tree and thought of all the wonderful things that this mirror would be used for. Never knowing this mirror would truly become a tool for reflection and contemplation.

reflections dollar store mirror

One day while looking at the mirror lying on my bathroom counter, I started thinking of the lines from the movie, Mulan.

Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me? Why is my reflection someone I don’t know? 

I then started questioning myself. When did I start to hate myself? When did the happy person leave and this sour looking person take up in my reflection? When did everything I see become a flaw? And when did I start wondering if life as I knew it was worth living? When did I start feeling like I had to hide my true thoughts and feelings? Afraid to share what I really thought because of what people might think?

That little dollar store mirror made me see the reflection of someone I didn’t like. But not because of the way I looked but because of the way I acted. I hated myself and in turn, I took that hatred out on other people. My family took the most of the brunt of my self-hatred. Somehow I started thinking that anything that went wrong in their lives were all my fault. I know silly right?

Deck Reflections

Then this past weekend, as I was continuing my study of the Twelve Women of the Bible, my eyes swept across the story of Gomer. I hadn’t heard of this woman before, and I thought why was she so important to be included in this study? As I continued reading about her, I was shocked to find that she left her loving husband to return to a life of prostitution. As I read her story, my mind was whirling with thoughts. How could she leave a loving husband to return to this life? How could her husband even want her after that?

As I continued to read, I was astonished when I found out that Gomer’s husband, Hosea, went to the head of the prostitution ring (the pimp so to speak) to buy back Gomer. How could he do this? What even possessed him to do it? But then my eyes hit the words  God prompted him to do it. He wanted Hosea to love his wife unconditionally, just like God loves us UNCONDITIONALLY!

Gomer’s life is a mirror of my own life. No! not the prostitution!  But I am sure what lead her to that was some form of self- hatred. I then saw the true meaning of her story that her life and her actions are meant to help us see our failures and to overcome them and not dwell on them.

So why do we as humans tend to dwell on other’s faults or weaknesses instead of embracing the uniqueness of the person. When did we become a society that judges others?

Looking at that dollar store Cinderella mirror, I decided that no more would I be my own worst enemy. I am no longer allowing the devil to whisper words of self-hatred in my ear. Instead, I am going to embrace who I am, and all that comes with it. And in doing so there WILL be more pictures of me on the blog and my social media channels. There will be more chances for me to come out of my shell and enjoy times spent with my beloved family and friends. And more time to make new friends.

So tell me has an item that you purchased made an impact on your life? I would love to know how it impacted you.

When Will My reflection show

Top: Pixley Curran Split Neck Blouse via Stitch Fix | Shorts: Eden Society Elodie Short via Stitch Fix | Mirror: The Dollar Tree

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  1. Wonderful post! Society is so judgmental and it’s definitely pushing it’s way into our every day lives. I’m trying to be less so of myself in part to set good examples for my children. Your post also reminded me of something I learned about when my husband and I were first married. I can’t recall if it was from the group marriage session at the church or a book I read shortly thereafter that was suggested in the class. Regardless, it spoke about how we need to be cautious in arguments/anger with our spouse (and family). Are we truly angry with them or with ourselves and we’re reflecting that image/anger onto them? This simple thought has saved me a few times. I still slip up, but it’s amazing how often I see that I’m frustrated/angry with *me* and need to step back & not take it out on them.

  2. This was a really profound post! It can be very difficult to really look inside yourself sometimes but I think that’s the most important step to loving yourself again. And all thanks to a pretty little mirror that you purchased. I’m not sure that anything has had such an impact on me.. yet. But I’m definitely going to be more aware of how I feel about myself and how those feelings project to others in society. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. WOW! What a great reflection and I’m sending virtual hugs! I love the story of Gomer. I also did a study on women in the Bible and her story is powerful. Jess at Just Jess

  4. Self love is so important – hugs to you! It’s great how one object can get us to reflect and work on positive thoughts.

  5. Amen girl! Yes! I love this. Everything that God creates is good. I tell myself daily that no matter what, I am wonderfully made.

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