Special Moment for My Dad at Gracie’s Quinceañera

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One of the things we did when we started planning Gracie’s Quinceañera was to make sure my dad was still a part of it.  He was there for Mikaela’s and was able to share a dance with her. He was such a big part of Gracie’s life that when we needed something to show his presence like he was there with us in spirit. And when I was offered a chance to get this table cloth from Tablevogue I just knew that I had to get it. 

 We had already decided to have a table to honor his memory and to light a candle. But once Gracie picked out that red dress, the theme just need to fall into place. As you know Cardinals have a special meaning to me so once I found these Cardinals.  I knew that would be her Recuerdo (party favors)  for her guest to take away from the party.

Then when it came to the original decoration of the party, we had hidden Cardinals everywhere.

My Family ( my sisters, nephews and my mom)

One in the photo booth.

One on the door and she entered.

  several at the guest book table around her tree and pictures and as well as her party favors at every chair.

But a unique part was the table we had set aside to honor the memory of her Grampie, my dad.  Her colors were black, red, silver, white and gold.  But on this table, we decided to do a different to make it stand out.  Since my dad was a former Marine, we went red wine blue for his tables with a little splash of gold.  I went and searched for the perfect tablecloth and found this fantastic blue one at Tablevogue.  Once I saw it I knew I needed it for his table.

So with the blue tablecloth, we added a beautiful arrangement of white flowers with the American flag sticking out of them.  Two pictures of my dad which were face down until the part of the night where we would honor his memory.

table vogue table for dad

We added two cardinals,  one sitting on top of a gold Birdcage holding a candle that would be lit and one that would chirp.

During the party, after Gracie danced with her dad the DJ (who I might add did an amazing job) said Gracie would like her Nana to join her on the Dance Floor.  As my mom was escorting on the dance floor by my oldest daughter Maddie and her boyfriend Lex,  the DJ said to listen to the chirp of the cardinal Symbolize that he was there with us in spirit.

Lighting the candle for dad

And playing one of his favorite songs when the candle was lit made remembering him even more special.  In fact, two of his buddies who were former Marines said that it brought tears to their eyes and you know Marines are tough they don’t cry.

So with inspiration made possible by table cloth by Tablevogue, this special moment was made even more special.

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  1. Aww my grandmother used to have doves and Cardinals just like those hidden all over her house. I used to love finding them in her house plants and bookshelves. I love that you had the Cardinals at the quinceanera and the table in honor of your dad.

  2. Quinceaneras are really special. I’m sure she’ll cherish this for a long time. She’s so beautiful and so is everyone else.

  3. That’s incredibly sweet. And sad! If you moved two Marines to tears, you know you did a good job.
    What an incredibly heartfelt ceremony, and how you found a way to honor your dad’s memory. That’s what love and family is all about.

  4. What a wonderful way to honor your father and let your daughter feel like he was part of the ceremony. I’m also a huge red bird lover so I particularly related to choosing your father’s favorite bird. It worked perfectly with her theme. Looks like you all had a wonderful celebration.

  5. OMGoodness, you have me crying. What a beautiful way to honor your dad memory. This will forever be a Priceless memory for everyone, Gracie look so beautiful!

  6. It can be such a difficult time to enjoy a special occasion like this when a loved one a recently passed. It sounds like your family found a special way to include him. On a lighter note, I love the dress she is wearing.

  7. Oh my goodness! Your daughter looks absolutely beautiful and it looks like everything could not have gone better or been more lovely! I was getting misty the way you chose to honor your Dad in such a special way and the chirping when Nana went to dance was absolutely beautiful. I’m sure your Dad had a big smile on his face and is especially proud of Gracie and YOU! God bless!

  8. This is beautiful. Growing up with a number of friends who had quinceaneras I know how special they are. I was in awe at the love and celebrations that I saw growing up. I think this is a great way to memorialize that event.

  9. What a beautiful Quinceanera! I love the theme that is different and cute! I love how they incorporated your dad to be honored there that must of been special.

  10. What a beautiful time for your family. I am not too familiar with a Quinceañera but it seems like a great time. I love that you were able to find a special way to include you father in spirit, how wonderful. I love that red dress by the way, so pretty. My daughter would love one like that.

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