8 Helpful Tips On How A Mom Can Save Money On Her Car Expenses

8 Helpful Tips On How A Mom Can Save Money On Her Car Expenses

Part of being a good mom is to be a good manager of the home. In managing your home, you must take every slight opportunity to save money. In case you have not noticed, car expenses can run into thousands of dollars yearly. Cars are vital assets for moms but they require a lot of investment when it comes to repair and maintenance.

If you are a mom looking to save some respectable amount of money on car expenses then you can do a few things. Here are a few care tips and tricks for moms to save money. But as a fellow mom, I would totally suggest googling repair shops and reading reviews before committing to any repairs. You may even find that a smog inspection from someone like Smog Mart in Sacramento can help you to identify exactly what needs repairing so you will know what to ask for when you take it to a repair shop. But, anyway, back to the things you can do right now to help keep your car in good working order and minimize the chance of you needing costly repairs.

  1. Read And Understand The Owner’s Manual

While having a young baby to care for can complicate your schedules, it should not be a reason for you not to read and understand the user’s manual. This document has helpful information on the scheduled maintenance guide. Once you have this information, you can use it to keep your car in shape at all times. This will naturally help you in saving money on car maintenance.

  1. Know When To Change Your Engine Oil

8 Helpful Tips On How A Mom Can Save Money On Her Car Expenses
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The 20th-century cars required that you change your engine oil after 3000 miles. However, car engines and oils have evolved technologically and this changes everything. Sticking to the 3000-miles recommendations may mean you change your engine oils much more frequently than you need for newer models.

If your car is among the 2000 to 2017 models then you should stick to what the user manual says. Ignore what auto service managers and ad campaigners say about changing oil, especially the campaigns for oil additives. Changing engine oil more frequently than recommended can be a costly affair.

  1. Be Smart In Tire Rotation

Tire rotation might not be a major maintenance issue but if you do not do it, your wheel may get damaged faster. However, you have to be smart. You might incur some cost to hire someone to change the wheels for you. A clever way to go about it is to take advantage when you take your car for inspection or service. You can ask a friendly mechanic to fix the wheels back in different spots.

  1. Maintain The Right Tire Pressure

Exposure of tires to high temperatures can deflate which may not only limit the life of the tires but also put you at risk of road traffic accidents. You must maintain a standard pressure (mostly recommended) to withstand the hostilities of the road such as potholes and tarmac. A cost-friendly way to maintain your car is to take care of your tires with a pressure gauge.

Learn about tire pressure gauge and Car Maintenance Basics You Should Know to be more equipped. It is important that you check your tires regularly to maintain their pressure.

  1. Take Good Care Of Your Battery

8 Helpful Tips On How A Mom Can Save Money On Her Car Expenses
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Another way for moms to save some money on their cars is to take care of their batteries. Without care, your battery may die much faster than you think. I believe you do not want to buy a replacement battery so frequently. The best way to maintain your car battery is to clean regularity during hot days to get rid of corrosion known to interfere with the internal mechanisms of batteries. Cleaning a battery is not a difficult thing.

  1. Combine Errands Where Possible

Moms have so many errands to run in a day. One of the best ways to ensure you save money on your car expenses is to combine errands where possible. Plan early and drive to the farthest destination first for your automobile to warm up for optimal fuel efficiency. If you start with closer destinations, the closer stops will reduce your gas mileage.

  1. Keep Your Car Well Polished

Having a car with clean and mirror-like paint is the dream of most car owners. Polishing is an important step in maintaining your car. It is the best way to make your car look new at all times. However, you have to choose the right polish, which is not a very easy process. You can use this resource on The Best Car Polish to use if you want your car to always look new.

  1. Clean Your Tires And Your Wheels

As a stay-at-home mom, you may find it difficult to clean your car, especially dirt and dust on your car tires and wheels. However, you have to do it if you really want to save some money. You can use wheel and tire cleaners available in the market for the purpose but you have to be careful with your choices. Ensuring your tires and wheels are clean at all times will increase their durability and the overall quality of your car.


As a mom, you must always seize any opportunity you get in order to make some savings. A good source to make savings is your car expenses. The above car tips and tricks for moms to save money will help you identify the specific points where you can cut costs. Please check here for more information on everything to do with the maintenance and repairing of your car.

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  2. Thank you for telling me that I should do tire rotation to prevent any damages from happening faster to my wheels. I enrolled my son to taekwondo classes in a nearby center and I had to drive him every morning since the center doesn’t offer any shuttle services. Since I’d be driving more often than usual, I’d follow your advice and ask a friendly mechanic to check my wheels for any possible repairs that should be done.

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