How to Throw a Father’s Day Party Your Dad Won’t Forget

How to Throw a Father's Day Party Your Dad Won't Forget from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When Father’s Day rolls around, you want to throw a party that will show your dad how much he means to you. Whether that party includes grilling chops or decorating the backyard, set aside the time to do it well. With a little planning, you’ll serve up a party he loves. Read on to learn how to throw a Father’s Day party your dad won’t forget!

Prepare a Feast Your Dad Will Love

Is your dad a steak or ribs guy? Figure out what your dad’s favorite cut of meat is and make that the centerpiece of a party. If you’re not a grilling master, sneak in a few practice sessions before the big day.

To step things up, you could opt for a few different cuts of meat and fish. Give him a New York strip steak, Ahi tuna, and heritage pork. Or try variations on barbecued chicken.

Add in some potato salad and fresh seasonal fruit to round out his plate. And for dessert, don’t forget the cake. Strawberry shortcake or pie with ice cream would be ideal!

Throw a Father’s Day Party in the Backyard

For Father’s Day, transform your backyard into the coolest party spot in town. Go with a theme to add a little more interest. For instance, if he loves golfing, use green tablecloths and centerpieces made of golf tees. 

As another option, string up some lights and set up the fire pit for a nighttime affair. Roast marshmallows together and share favorite memories as you sit around the fire. Throw in a few unique gift ideas throughout the evening to shower your dad with love.

Play Games He Grew Up Loving

Your dad may have been a star quarterback in high school — or he may love watching bowling. Whatever your dad’s favorite sport may be, make it the focal point of your Father’s Day Party.

Set up goals for a round of backyard soccer — or take him to the local high school’s field. Play a round of flag football in the backyard. Or get nostalgic with a surprise trip to play miniature golf.

Treat Your Dad to a Beer Tasting

If your dad enjoys a good pilsner or IPA, why not make a beer-tasting part of the festivities? Find a few craft beers at a local store and grab some glassware. Set up a station where he can try flights of different types of beers.

A beer tasting is a fun opportunity for him to sample different options. It’s a great source of conversation for adults sampling with him, too. As a bonus, surprise your dad at the end of the party with these one-of-a-kind beer gift sets!

Throw a Party He Won’t Forget

When you’re putting together a Father’s Day Party, start by brainstorming your dad’s favorite games, foods, and activities. From there, you can choose a few favorites to integrate into an outdoor gathering. Hang up some festive decorations and set up some chairs for the perfect party!

For more tips to keep your family happy, check back for new articles.

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