Special Moments Made Possible By Proper Car Maintenance

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Growing up as a little boy in Mexico, my husband learned to love a lot of things. But by far the biggest thing he loves is Futbol aka Soccer. His favorite team is Chivas from Guadalajara. Seriously, folks he schedules all activities around their television schedule.


Growing up in rural Mexico, he never had the chance to see any Futbol teams play in person. Fast forward  40 years later and he can be seen on any Saturday night during the Spring and the Fall at one of many soccer games. He has been a supporter in the stands for all three of his girls. He has passed his love of the game onto them.

Now that travel ball season has started for our middle daughter, Mikaela and our beloved Carolina Railhawks are well into their fall season. You can imagine how much travelling we do. In the next few weeks, we have games two hours away from home for three weekends in a row. That is a lot of wear and tear on our car.

Our car the day we bought her.

That is why my husband always does regular maintenance on our car. I am lucky because I am married to a mechanic who likes to do things like check the tire pressure and change the oil.


When it comes to the oil we use, we look no further than our local Walmart’s Auto Care aisle. We love shopping there because first it less than 10 minutes from our house and second because they carry quality products at reasonable prices. When it comes to our car, that is the one thing we don’t mind spending money on. Because we put a lot of miles on our Acadia, we always go with Quaker State Defy™ High Mileage Motor Oil. This oil helps reduce the wear and tear on our car.  It is like the fountain of youth of oils for your engine. Plus it has additional elements that help with fuel economy. I can’t tell you how much we depend on our car.


Using Quaker State allows us to enjoy travelling and most importantly soccer games. Remember I said that my husband Raul, had never seen a game before coming to the United States. But within the last few years, we have been able to travel to Charlotte to see the Mexican National Team play in the Gold Cup. To Wake Med Soccer Park to see Puebla FC and Toluca FC (teams from Mexico) play our beloved Carolina Railhawks. It not only allowed us a chance to see these great teams but also made it possible for him to have this moment last Saturday night. Of course, we were in Cary, and the Carolina Railhawks were playing. Just recently they signed a player from his favorite team, Chivas. Never before have we waited by the gate to get a picture with a player. Generally, they just come to the sidelines and sign autographs and take pictures.


And occasionally, they might jump the fence to take a picture with us.


But on this particular night, my girls, Mikaela and Graciela (Gracie), waited patiently with their padre (father) and cousin for Omar Bravo.


When he came out, they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to take a picture with him. Because right before he got to them he went to the other side.


But then he turned around, and my husband with a big smile on his face asked in Spanish if he could get a picture with him. Of course, Bravo said yes. Just look at the pictures I got. That first one I think says it all.


That look on my husband’s face is priceless.


He hasn’t stopped smiling about this and has shared this picture with everyone.


So you see making sure that our car is in tip top condition is important to us because it allows for special moments like this. When a man who comes to this country looking for a better way of life some 20 plus years ago and  finally gets to see not only a soccer game in person but also is able to get a picture with a former Chivas player. Moments like these are priceless.

And because we want to continue to experience moments like this Quaker State Defy™ High Mileage Motor Oil will be our go to motor oil.

So tell me how your car has made your life special? 


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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Car maintenance is so important. I’m married to a Senior Master Technician, so maintenance is something we are strict about! #HomeMattersParty

  2. This blog post makes me happy! I’m so glad your family is having such a great time with soccer and traveling. Love the pic at the end, especially, you can totally tell how happy Raul is! 🙂

  3. Love how you all had fun together. You’re lucky that your husband does car maintenance. In our house, it is always me who worries to check the tire pressure.

  4. That looks so fun! My daughter loves Chicarito too! You family is beautiful, so nice to see you making wonderful memories!

  5. Yes, car maintenance is VITAL to ensuring that families are able to have the means to do things together. My kids and I really notice it when we don’t have a reliable car to go somewhere. Without a vehicle our kids don’t have the chance to get together with other kids. It truly upsets all of us. Quaker State is a great oil choice too.

  6. How great that your family got to experience this moment together! I love our car because it takes us on family trips to the beach, Disney World, and to visit my family in Ohio.

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