Rain Rain Go Away With Fab Fit Fun Fall Box #FabFitFun

As I sit here at the computer I am staring out the window at yet another day of rain. I then ask myself the question maybe we shouldn’t have built our deck because it has rained every day since then. No seriously it has. It must be jinxed.


No Jinxy, I am not talking about you again. It seems that the only ones that have been able to enjoy the deck so far are the cats.

cats on deck

But what makes this rain a little bit tolerable is that my FAB FIT FUN box came in the mail. It was filled with fabulous items as usual.

FabFitFun VIP delivers the latest and greatest in beauty, wellness, fitness, and fashion each season for only $49.99!

Fab Fit fun fall box

The package that the all the items came in was so fabulous I had a hard time ripping into the package because it was so pretty. This box was full of some great items. Just look at what all came in the box.

fab fit fun collage

  • Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask . This was absolutely heaven for my face. I really needed this because it made me slow down and relax.
  • Flawless Skin Fluid. This is will come in handy when the winter winds start to blow because my skin always takes a beating during the winter months.
  • A battery pack for the cell phone. I ended up giving this to my oldest as she often forgets to charge her phone and her excuse for not calling is that she is her cell phone was dead.
  • Lucky Lip Stain- Although I am not one of lip gloss or lipstick, I actually liked this one.
  • 3D White brilliance 2 Step System by Crest. This one my middle daughter snatched up right away.
  • The Purple Purse Charm. This was an absolutely fabulous charm. And I love that it represented a great cause. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and by attaching this charm to my purse I am supporting women in need and join in the fight.
  • Strength Tubing Ankle & Total Body Workout. I will admit that this is one thing that I didn’t try yet. But I have all intentions to try it out soon.
  • There was also a beautiful Glass Crystal Bead Bracelet in the box. This is going to make its way into one of the girls’ stockings at Christmas.
  • A fabulous gift card by Jeweler’s Wife
  • And another fabulous Gift Card by Picture It on Canvas.
  • Last but not least is my absolute favorite. A beautiful umbrella with the words Rain Rain Go Away on it.

fab fit fun umbrella

Just look at how much fun I had with my middle daughter in the rain with this one. And guess what you can get one of these fabulous boxes for yourself at Fab Fit Fun. Hurry because this fall box is going to sell out quick.

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