What to Take to An Amusement Park

I am part of the Caro-Bloggers program which allows me access to Carowinds with my family. But my love of the park is all mine

what to take to an amusement park

Summertime is amusement park season; I am lucky enough to be able to continue my ambassadorship with Carowinds. I love that first it is a park that is in my home state. Second where my daughter lives is on the way to the park, so we always find time to visit if she can’t come to Carowinds. And lastly, because it isn’t just an amusement park it is also a water park.

Carowinds coaster

I am so excited that we will be visiting this park for my birthday. The Railhawks are playing out of town, so it is the perfect time to go. Plus it is smack dabbed in the middle of summer, so while the rest of the family will be enjoying the thrill rides. I will be with a friend at the waterpark cooling off.

family carowinds

I am really excited because last year when we went, we didn’t get to experience the waterpark. But I am also excited because since then their waterpark has had a massive renovation. It is now even bigger and has more slides. I might even try one of those out. Check out my previous post on all the new things. And my favorite part is they have a Starbucks at the park. You know how I love my white chocolate mochas!

So with this trip in mind, I decided to start mentally preparing a checklist for things that we might need to bring to Carowinds. As I was writing down the items, I thought this would be a great blog post, so I decided to share the list with you.

What to take to an amusement park list

  • Tickets– Did you know that you can skip the lines at the ticket booth and buy them online. I love that Carowinds has this, so we can buy, print and go.  Plus they have easy payment plans if you want to purchase a season pass.
carowinds outfit
My Amusement Park Outfit

Top: 41Hawthorn Montgomery Cross-Front Knit Top via StitchFix |  Skort: Walmart Years Ago | Bag: Carowinds

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes- I always say bring your walking shoes to amusement parks because you will spend a lot of time on your feet.
  • A bag for towels and bathing suits.
  • A plastic bag for all the wet clothes
  • First aid supplies (band-aids, sunscreen, Neosporin, ibuprofen, and water are always on our list)
  • A few little snacks
  • A reusable water bottle, remember you will be out in the hot sun, so you want to stay hydrated
  • and lastly a camera to capture all those great memories.

Carowinds from the sky

I know I am already impatiently waiting for our visit, but don’t worry our bags are already packed. But until then you can read past posts about Carowinds adventures here and here.

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  1. Thanks for all the tips! Planning a family trip to Kentucky Kingdom later in the summer and will surely use the checklist! Thanks!

  2. This is a great list of items to take with you. It can get really hot in the summer and having a refillable water bottle saves you from spending money on drinks. Comfortable shoes are also a must and my daughter argues the fact every time but is grateful I make her.

  3. I have never been to Carowinds. I would love to take my whole family. We do go to Six Flags a few times over the summer and I will definitely be using some of your tips. Comfortable shoes are very important. Achy feet can ruin the whole day. And don’t forget a few snacks, food can be very expensive in the park.

  4. Purchasing tickets prior to coming is a great time saver and it also saves the hassle of queuing. Bringing a camera is a definite must nowadays since we’re all on social media and friends like it if we share photos and details. I also like bringing water for hydration.

  5. This is perfect timing as we plan to head to an amusement park soon. It has been years since we’ve been with our kids, which makes me a bit anxious. Dressing appropriately always seems to be an issue when there is water and thrill rides involved.

  6. Happy birthday to you! What a great birthday trip, I love amusement parks! A first-aid kit is a great idea. I didn’t pack any bandaids on our trip, and my daughter hurt her finger right after we got there and it was bleeding everywhere. I will always bring liquid bandaid from now on!

  7. I always feel like I am packing up my entire life when we go somewhere like this. I’d rather over pack than miss something and need it. We spent the weekend at the racetrack last week and I packed way, way too much of everything! I also think it’s funny that you mention tickets… that’s always the first thing I write down for any outing where we’ve bought tickets ahead!

  8. Yes! We always pre-print our tickets and I always pack snacks. The prices of snacks can be insane inside of amusement parks!!!!!! Just today they tried to charge $5.00 for a $1.00 icee at the zoo! Ugh.

  9. Great tips. we are planning our trip to Disneyland in the fall. I will need to really think about what to bring for that trip! So many items to keep in mind. I think my biggest thing is sunscreen, water and a good pair of shoes.

  10. thanks for you, ADVENTURESFRUGALMOM!
    Useful suggestions! I am always going to parks with my families when it is convenient . This really helps me a lot and make me have a happy and exciting trip!

  11. Hello, I have many interesting and fun trips with my families in different theme parks! I love the feeling of riding on the amusement park rides!
    Thanks for your great tips and it is very useful!

  12. Hello, I have many interesting and fun trips with my families in different theme parks! I love the feeling of riding on the amusement park rides!
    Thanks for your great tips and it is very useful!

  13. Hello, I have many interesting and fun trips with my families in different theme parks! I love the feeling of riding on the amusement park rides!
    Thanks for your great tips and it is very useful!

  14. Useful tips!
    It makes my trip easier and more interesting!
    And as a park, the Carowinds is very interesting! And the thrill rides there is cool and full of great fun! 🙂

  15. Thanks, Melissa!
    You are so considerate!
    You just share the fairly useful tips for me and it benefits me a lot!
    Amusement parks or theme parks are a quite fun place to go when it is convenient! 🙂

  16. Wow, good tips for have a great trip to amusement park. When we going to an amusement park with my parents and friends, we are always feel confused on taking which kind of staffs, haha, I find your articles now. It is more useful, maybe I can show this post to my parents and friend next time.

  17. In order to have a great fun trip, it is necessary to take everything in to account, including prepare for all useful things with you.
    You useful tips just help me!
    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  18. It seems that when people go to an amusement park, they don’t want to take anything, but sometimes they must take. Your tips are very useful for use!

  19. from your article, I know much more information about what to take to the Amusement Park and I am fairly willing to follow your tips when visiting the park, thanks!

  20. Thanks for your sharing, Melissa!
    For me, hats and sunglasses are also a must when going to amusement parks in summer!

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