Must-See Places to Go for a Walk in Georgia

Must-See Places to Go for a Walk in Georgia from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Many folks in the U.S. are staying indoor—and for good reason. This time indoors has made me daydream about all the places in the glorious South that I have yet to visit. I’m not talking about a walk around the neighborhood, either. I’m talking about those must-see “bucket list” destinations to go for a stroll. For instance, Georgia is filled with historical locations and awe-inspiring landscapes. To give you all a little taste of what Georgia has to offer, here are my must-see places to go for a walk in Georgia.

Arabia Mountain

Arabia Mountain is a sea of granite that’s so beautiful it’ll make the prettiest granite countertop blush. The images of this landscape make it look like another planet, and not just because of the granite alone. Y’all have to see the beautiful plant life in this area. I’m itching to visit just from talking about it!

Lullwater Park

Don’t be fooled by this park’s location, which is smack dab in the middle of Atlanta. Gazing at the beautiful trees is like being wrapped up in nature’s warm blanket, so I can only imagine the feeling that grows over visitors who are actually there. It’s not all just trees and creeks, either. Guests can gaze at the iconic Lullwater House, a stone structure built in the forest during the 1920s. Not only is it a great place for nature lovers, but history buffs have something to gleefully gawk at as well.

Etowah Indian Mounds

Speaking of history buffs, y’all will love this destination. The mounds of Earth found here aren’t just incredible to look at—they come with a rich history, too. Thousands of Native Americans lived here for over 500 years. Much of the culture remains intact today, from objects built with seashells to the giant mounds of earth that makes this place so iconic.

If you’re like me and will have to take a bit of a road trip to reach these spots, don’t stress. If you run into any car troubles—and we’ve all been there—Georgia has no lack of tire shops that can help you with any flats or pops your tires suffer during your visit.

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