How to Enjoy a Luxurious Holiday in Thailand

How to Enjoy a Luxurious Holiday in Thailand from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Thailand is among the most popular tourist destinations in the Asian subcontinent. Its location, proximity to the sea, enjoyable climate and natural beauty has boosted tourism industry significantly. It has plenty of cultural attractions as well. It is also sought after by people seeking luxurious vacations in Asia. If you are planning for a lavish vacation in Thailand, it is important to plan with care.

Planning for specific tour packages

First, you need to decide what type of tour you want to spend a few days in Thailand amidst luxury and pleasure. You may opt for group tours or travel with a handful of friends. There are provisions for single travelers as well. The top tour operators also arrange for corporate travel plans. By comparing the rates and contents of such plans, you can learn more and figure out which one will fit your bill.

Tips to enjoy lavish vacations in Thailand

There are many attractions in Thailand and you will enjoy those whether you are traveling single or with a group. Below listed are 5 options for you to have a blast while exploring Thailand:

Soaking up luxury in Bangkok- Thailand’s capital city Bangkok is where most tourists head to. There are plenty of posh hotels and provisions for enjoying amenities are aplenty too. Some of the top hotels also have inbuilt spa and pools for relaxation. These are ideal when you want to unwind after reaching the city with jet lag! The multi-cuisine restaurants at these hotels have delicacies that will satisfy your taste buds. Some hotels have rooftop bars and eating joints.

Chilling out at beaches- Thailand has some of the colorful and thriving beaches on the continent. You can enjoy beach activities, take a sunbath and indulge in water sports. Of course, there are several top end seaside resorts where you can put up and relax. You can also book packages which include daily activities at famous beaches of Thailand including Sunrise beach at Koh Lipe and Patong beach.

Exploring natural serenity amidst luxury- The natural beauty and wildlife of Thailand leave the visitors amazed. However, you need not necessarily give up on lavishness while doing so! The amazing and serene Khao Sok National Park is where you can enjoy the experience of spending time in an ancient evergreen rainforest.  You may opt for luxury camping at Elephant Hills Rainforest Camp. Wildlife safari and canoe safari add to the thrill of camping here.

North of Thailand- To get a different type of lavish vacationing experience in Thailand- head to the north of the country. A few day’s stay in the Chiang Mai City will transport your mind to a different era. You can book private villas replete with all amenities and enjoy the awesome scenic beauty around.

Summing it up

There are many tour operators offering lavish vacation packages for tourists exploring Thailand. They also offer shopping and exploring cultural sightseeing in their packages. To learn more about their credibility and reviews of customers, you should use available online resources.

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