Fun Ways To Get Around Cities

Fun Ways To Get Around Cities

Y’all, I can’t tell you how pumped I am for this summer. Summer 2020 was stolen from us, and we have to use this year to make up for it. I plan on doing a lot of swimming, shopping, and eating. Another thing I want to do is visit more cities now that travel restrictions have been lifted. My girlfriend was just telling me that one of her favorite parts about her trip to Austin was the different ways she and her hubby traveled around. So, I want to share these fun ways to get around cities that she told me.


You may be thinking, “I’m a grown adult; there’s no way I’m getting on a scooter.” Trust me before you knock it, y’all. City scooters are such a blast! They travel up to high speeds so you and your companions can whip right through town. Also, you’ll get a nice core workout from keeping your balance during your ride.

Plus if you get some electric three wheel scooters you can have so much fun. They are the future of electric transport. They are light, fast, and easy to ride. They are less expensive to maintain than cars or bikes because they use less fuel and don’t require costly maintenance like oil changes. They are also more environmentally friendly because they don’t produce any emissions.


E-bikes are another fun way to get around cities. E-bikes can travel up to twenty miles an hour, and they’re perfect for any terrain. E-bikes can also help you stay fit since you’ll be working your core and leg muscles. Make sure to research the different classes of e-bikes before your trip so that you get the one you want.


Not enough people use trains anymore, y’all. I don’t understand why. For starters, it’s much better than sitting in a car in standstill traffic. It’s also worth mentioning that trains are a much more sustainable way to commute because they don’t release gases into the atmosphere. Plus, you’ll have a blast meeting all the new people and going to different spots throughout the city.

I promised myself I’d travel more this summer. I want to have the most fun while I’m away, and that includes how I get around town. I hope y’all will join me in trying out these fun ways to get around in the city this summer.

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