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I am lucky enough to be a Caroblogger, an official ambassador for Carowinds. We always have fun when we go to the park and the Fury 325 is one ride you don’t want to miss. 

fury 325

It is no secret that I am a big chicken when it comes to trying new things especially when it comes to amusement parks. I rode my first and last roller coaster Ricochet several years ago. That experience was enough to last me a lifetime and I swore I would never ride another one. But unlike me, my middle daughter, Mikaela, loves anything that gets her adrenaline pumping but unfortunately for her the rest of us in the family are big chickens when it comes to things like that. So she never gets to experience these rides until Lex, my oldest daughter’s boyfriend joined the family. Fury 325 was a ride that she had wanted to ride for a while but never had anyone to ride with. That was until Scarowinds…… 


Since everyone has their own experiences on the ride I decided why not give different views from the same ride so below you will find not only the experience of my middle daughter, but also of Lex ( Maddie’s boyfriend) and Lyman ( Mikaela’s boyfriend) . I hope you enjoy reading about their experience riding Fury 325.

Lex’s View

Carowinds came out with a new and intense ride known as The Fury. The Fury is known to be one of the fastest roller coasters on the East Coast, topping the notorious Intimidator. If you think that the Intimidator’s top speed of 75 mph is fast, try Fury’s top speed of 95 mph. If you love speed and intense drops, I would highly recommend riding The Fury. My friend and I waited nearly two hours to get on this ride. Two hours may be long, however, we can say that we were excited by every step we came closer to the ride. The constant screams of the passengers really make it sound worthwhile.  I love roller coasters and I would even say that this roller coaster would be equivalent to the rides of that of Six Flags. Do not miss the opportunity to ride The Fury, you would definitely not regret it.

Lyman’s View

I rode the fury shortly after it opened this summer with my older sister and my dad. Then again I rode it with my friends when we went on a school trip. I say that it’s one of the best cooler coasters I’ve ridden, on the way up I got anxiety but by the end of it we decided to get fast pass because the ride itself was so good so we kept riding. It was definitely worth the wait in the beginning, and I definitely recommend it.

Mikaela’s View

I’m an a thrill chaser, an adrenaline junky, I like anything that scared the crap out of me. So when I was at Carowinds I had to take the opportunity  to ride Fury 325, mostly because someone who finally wasn’t a baby went with us, which was Lex. We waited in line for about 2 hours, but during that wait I got to know Lex a little better so that was another plus. When they finally buckled us up I literally had no idea what I was getting myself into, I’m really glad it was during the night-time because I couldn’t see where we were going. The height was fine, the speed was fun but that 81 degree drop was a lot more than I expected. All and all it was a great ride worth the wait time, and this one definitely earning the title of scaring the crap out of me. Can’t wait to ride it again!!!

Fury 325 (1)

I want to thank Mikaela, Lex and Lyman for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their thoughts on Fury 325. Does this mean I will ride it next time at Carowinds? Nope still not going to ride but will gladly wait for them to ride it.


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