The Perfect Summer Awaits at Carowinds

I am part of the CaroBloggers program which allows me access to media events as well as many others things. But my love of the park is all mine.

The Perfect Summer Awaits at Carowinds#C

Last Thursday, I was one of the selected few that gathered for the big announcement that Carowinds, an premier amusement park on the North and South Carolina border, made. They had been hinting about this announcement but the official announcement was revealed to media, bloggers and fans of Carowinds.

Carowinds is a park that is near and dear to our hearts. In fact there is a running joke in our family that some bear ( although bears are not normally found there) is running around the forest wearing my sister’s glasses because they went flying off on one the rides. 🙂 We have visited here the last few summers ( if you missed those post check them out here, here and here) and can’t wait to go back again this year for some spooky fun for Scarowinds and the Great Pumpkin Fest. I can’t wait to write about these exciting events. Look for an unique story on those.

Now onto the big announcement. They are expanding Boomerang Bay and making it an amazing water park called Carolina Harbor. I am totally impressed with this park already and I haven’t even seen it yet. Just look what is in this waterpark.

Photo Credit Carowinds
Photo Credit Carowinds

o   New Waterpark Entrance – Come and go as you please with a new convenient entrance with direct access. Now that is awesome because before you had to walk all the way through the park to get the waterpark.

surf harbor
Surf Club Harbor Wave Pool Photo Credit Carowinds

o   Surf Club Harbor Wave Pool – A state-of-the-art 27,000 square-foot wave pool that features 12 water geysers

Blackbeard's Revenge Photo Credit Carowinds
Blackbeard’s Revenge Photo Credit Carowinds

o   Blackbeard’s Revenge – A towering six story tall water slide complex featuring three attractions and six exhilarating slides

seaside splashworks
Seaside Splashworks – Photo Credit Carowinds

o   Seaside Splashworks – Part of our new two-acre family area, this water structure features over 80 elements including a 423-gallon tipping bucket.

myrtle turtle
Kiddy Hawk Cove and Myrtle Turtle Beach- Photo Credit Carowinds

o   Kiddy Hawk Cove and Myrtle Turtle Beach – These two new family-fun zones are fully equipped with features for both parents and children.

o   New and Renovated Restaurants – In addition to enhancing several restaurants, Harbor House and Schooners will be new premiere dining destinations. I was able to sample some of the food that they will be serving there and it was all so yummy.

carowinds food

o   Additional Cabanas – You’ll find more than shade in our 40 new luxurious cabanas

o   More Lounging Chairs – An additional 1,100 lounging chairs will be available for guests to relax and enjoy the sun

o   Sand Volleyball Courts – Five professional quality sand volleyball courts will be added for both casual and competitive play

o   New and Upgraded Facilities – In addition to upgrading family changing areas, a new bathhouse will be added.

Now if that wasn’t enough to make you want to go to Carowinds. They also announced that they would be adding a new show to park as well. The Cirque Imagine Show is really cool circus style show with acrobatic performances and bike stunts. We were given a sneak peek of this show and it looks exciting.

3000 sq Foot Starbucks- Photo Credit Carowinds

All these new additions are absolutely fabulous and I am excited about all of them but the one that I am most excited about is the addition of a 3,000 sq. foot STARBUCKS!!!! near the parks entrance. Oh the love affair with white chocolate mocha continues.

[Tweet “You had me @Starbucks! Can’t wait for the new one @Carowinds #CarolinaHarbor”]

Seriously folks I will have to say that I am excited about all the new and exciting things happening in this amazing family friendly place and I can’t wait until they make another announcement about the park.

Carowinds is an amazing place to take the family. For more information about Carowinds check out their website.


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