Great inspiration for fall

Fall is just around the corner. I love the fall season. The crisp cool mornings and evenings and the beautiful fall foliage are some of the reasons that fall is my favorite time of year. If you are looking for color inspiration, look no further than at the beautiful colors in nature during this season. The vibrant oranges, yellows, reds and browns can be seen everywhere. Think of the rich color of hot chocolate on chilly night visiting with friends and family around a fire pit- takes inspiration in those colors when you are putting together your wardrobe choices for fall.  The other day I paired together a chocolate brown skirt (that I bought on clearance for $2.00) with a light pumpkin orange shirt. (I know right now you probably cannot picture that in your head) But the art teacher at the school I teach at loved the color combinations and said it was awesome pairing of those fall colors together. This was a very comfortable casual outfit in a casual outfit to wear to teach, and yet I was stylish at the same time. So take a tip from me do not be scared to pair those colors you see in nature when it comes to your wardrobe you will find an outfit that is stylish and comfortable that will sure to be a hit.

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