My 5 Favorite Subscription Boxes

My 5 Favorite Subscription Boxes (Blog Graphic)

Subscription boxes are all the rage. But there can be very pricey, especially if you fall into the trap of becoming a member of more than one subscription service. So today, I thought I would share with you my top 5 favorite subscription boxes.

My 5 Favorite Subscription Boxes
The outfit I am wearing when I appeared on our local news was all from Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix

My first one is Stitch Fix. I have been a member of the Stitch Fix clothing box for several years. I like how as members, you can try on clothes from the comfort of your home. And they have the easiest return policy. They even provide a package for you to ship your unwanted items back in.

I also love that I can specify what items I would like to have in my box. Just recently ( like today), I requested all jeans. I will admit that their prices are pricey, but the quality is out of this world. And if an item is the right size, it is easy to exchange it for another size.

I also love that they send multiple reminder emails when it comes time to pay. So no surprises there either.

I have tried other clothing services before, and this one by far, is the best. Not only do they listen to their customers, but they also work with you if something comes up.

My 5 Favorite Subscription Boxes
The Fab Fit Fun box is even purrfect for cats.

Fab Fit Fun

Fab Fit Fun box comes once a quarter. I love how they send out links to customize your box. I have gotten a lot of gifts I give through there. The girls ( Allie & Gigi) love it because each quarter, they get a new toy. In the last box, they both got a stuffed cupcake and a pupkin spiced latte. ( Allie got the small set, and Gigi got the big one.)

I love the variety that this box has to offer. You can choose anything from clothing and makeup to household items. It is one box that I will always keep. But I will say that there is one thing I don’t like about it – their shipping is very slow.

My 5 favorite subscription boxes


Wildgrain is a box that has a lot of dough. Well, sort of.. It is a monthly subscription box where you get baked goods. You can get anything from bread to muffins to scones and even pasta. Their cranberry orange muffins are to die for. I have never had that combination together until I had these, and now they are all I want.

I love the ease of this box. If I want something extra for dinner, I just have to heat up the oven and pop one of the packages in the oven, and fresh baked goods are ready. It makes you look like you have spent all day in the kitchen baking, which in fact, you really weren’t.

My 5 Favorite Subscription Boxes

Bravo Steaks

Well, the Bravo Steaks box isn’t exactly a subscription box. It is a co-op box. But I love this company and the people who run it so much that I had to add them into the mix.

They have several options to choose from.

  • Family Staples (20 lbs)
  • Farm Favorites (15 lbs)
  • Premium Cuts (10 lbs)
  • All Ground Beef (22 lbs)

And you can also choose how often you would like to receive a box. We get a box of farm favorites every three months.

I love how before our box is supposed to ship, we get a notification of renewal (charge) and also a form allowing us to request items or tell them if there are items we don’t want in our box. I also love that members are given a chance to purchase additional items for a discount. This is where all our beef and pork products come from. I love supporting these local farmers.

My 5 favorite subscription boxes

Artza Subscription Box

I was introduced to the Artza Box a few years ago, and I love love love it. Each box contains products from a certain region in Israel. The box itself is such a wonderful idea and such a great to explore and learn about another culture.

Each box varies in contents, but there is normally some sort of spread, a recipe card, postcards, and several works of art. My favorite items have been hand-carved ornaments made out of olive wood. Plus right now I have a coupon code of MELISSA25 if you want to order a box.

So those are my top 5 favorite subscription boxes. Although several of these are pricey to me, they are totally worth it. So tell me, what subscription boxes do you get?

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  1. It is by far my favorite box. We get our box every quarter and I absolutely love it. We support a small farmer as well as get quality meat.

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