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Tuesday morning as I was heading out the door to take the younger two girls to school, the Pediatrician’s office called to give me the dates for Gracie’s EEG and Neurologist appointments. It seemed that Gracie needed to have a sleep deprived EEG. That happened yesterday morning. If you are unfamiliar with a sleep deprived EEG it is when you have to stay up from midnight the night before until the time of the EEG. Sounds easy enough right in theory but in reality it really isn’t.  Of course the one time that I did not want to go to sleep early was the one time that I could feel myself fading fast. My older two daughters did a midnight run to McDonald’s for a sweet tea and some french fries. That took up about 20 minutes. What to do the rest of the night? I had already bought Gracie her Valentine’s present , rubber bands for making loom bracelets and a container to hold them in. So the next 30 to an hour was spent separating out the colors. Gracie decided to watch some television but she made the mistake of laying her head down  and started fading fast so I knew I had to do something. That is when my craft plan came into action. I have been busy decluttering my house but I always hold onto anything that I could use for crafts supplies. I hit my closet looking for things for her to do. The first thing I found were stickers and construction papers. So Gracie started putting stickers in rows on a sheet of construction paper. She covered the whole piece . She did this twice. That took up quite a bit of time and then she made her initials out of stickers as well.

We then went on to making a bag, doing a puzzle, working in activity book, and coloring. That took up quite a bit of time. She also make some foam puppets and foam bookmarks. These were leftover from craft kits I had bought in the past and did not quite use all of them . She also made a valentine from a doily and some heart stickers. She then  moved on to making a beaded candy cane. Don’t judge remember the idea was to keep her up and moving.

This bought us to 4:45 in the morning. We still had a few more hours before the test. So we had a Go Fish card tournament. Gracie beat me pretty bad so she can claim the title of Queen of Go Fish.

Finally it was time to leave for the test. She was able to stay awake the whole time but when we got home yesterday she crashed. Only waking up for a few  hours to eat and then falling right back to sleep.

So if you are ever looking for things for your children to do to keep them busy, think about the things I did with Gracie to make sure she did not go to sleep.

A proud mom moment here. Gracie was such a trooper about this test. She did have one cranky moment towards the end. But knowing how terrified she is of doctors and tests, she was so amazing.



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  1. Wow great job keeping her occupied and awake. It’s crazy how when you want to sleep you can’t fall asleep and when you want to stay awake your eyes will not cooperate! And you’ve just convinced me that I need to keep all the random craft remnants just in case.. so much for decluttering. 😉

    I hope the test results are good!

  2. Why is it that when you want to/need to stay up, you just can’t keep your eyes open? Looks like you guys made the best of it, though

  3. Oh wow! Lots of preperations you put in, and it sounds like she enjoyed the time! I bet that was still really hard!

  4. Why do they make you stay awake?? That’s crazy!! You were smart to come up with fun activities to keep you both up!

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