How to wear vintage clothing

I love the look of vintage clothing. There is nothing I like better than spend a Saturday and Sunday afternoon shopping in thrift stores. There is something to be said for looking a little different than the rest of the world. When my daughters were little I got the most compliments on their clothes because I was able to dress them the way I liked. Now that they have reached the teenage years it is hard to get them to agree on one outfit that I pick out. One of the best dressed celebrities that can rock that vintage look is Katy Perry. She knows how to wear vintage clothing. I love the look of the Marilyn Monroe inspired dress that she is wearing in this picture. The bold prints and style are awesome. Take a few tips from Katy; wear a dress that has the halter style top with a free flowing skirt. Look for clothes that accentuate your body type as well prints that will not wash you out. Sometimes vintage clothes are meant to be just that. They should be kept in the past never to be brought back again. What vintage looks do you rock in your wardrobe? Me I love the look of pedal pushers also known as Capri pants.


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