Preparing For Cold and Flu Season

preparing for cold and flu season

The phrase fall back brings many things.  Not only does it bring an extra hour of sleep it also signals the start of cold and flu season.

We have to go on high alert during this time of year because Gracie does not have the best immune system and she seems to come down with almost everything that comes along. I have looked into ways to help prevent some sickness in our house. Did you know that there are things that you can do to boost your immune system? Just check out these tips.

Wash those hands. Here is where you can be a kids again sing the Alphabet song as you wash your hands with warm soapy water. When you are done singing, you are done washing your hands.

Eat purple. That doesn’t mean coloring all your food purple. Grapes and blueberries have awesome antigerm properties.

Go on the D-Fensive. Use Vitamin D. This will help ward off colds and flu.

Walking or exercising can help to prevent those unwanted germs taking up house in your body. Plus it can help to shed those holiday pounds.

Get plenty of sleep. When you are worn down your body is more susceptible to being sick.

Drink plenty of liquids. It is okay to drink the occasional alcoholic drink but water is best.

Hopefully these tips will help you to avoid getting sick cold and flu season. Tell me what you do to prevent sickness in your house during this time when we fall back.

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  1. As I sit here with a miserable cold…..

    I am leaving for NYC Wednesday afternoon, so I am working hard to get better.

  2. Great tips! I’ve never heard the “eat purple” one, so I’ll add that to my arsenal!

  3. I’ve not heard the eat purple tip. Will definitely try that this winter! We increase our vitamins (and make extra sure that we don’t miss them) to help in the winter.

  4. I have heard the purple tip a few times through life. With kiddo in grade school and hubs working at 2 hospitals, I am bound to get some nasty germs. I fight them naturally with herbs and essential oils.

  5. This is the first year I have a whopper of a cold and nothing seems to be helping–I have tried most of the above plus some!! Then I went to a clients house today and they both had horrendous colds–and I’m not even in contact with any children. I think the weather has a lot to do with it! It is a good idea to try all those recommendations above!

  6. I’ve never heard to eat purple before, but I’m willing to give it a try. My hubby swears by drinking a glass of OJ every morning to keep those colds away.

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