Kids Wealth Teaches Money Responsibility

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Now that Gracie has entered the teen years and we have the Kids Wealth Kit I know that she will know the right way to handle her money. It is important to both my husband and myself that all three of our girls know how to handle money so that they will never be in a position of having to borrow to pay their bills. 

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Plus as an added bonus this will help Gracie with her math skills over the summer. Gracie has had fun so far this summer working in the workbook. In fact she is currently visiting her sister in Greensboro and the Kids Wealth workbook was one of the first things that she packed. 

This fun-filled kit is designed to help kids between the ages 4-12. They have a kit for each age level. The purpose of Kids Wealth is teach children the responsibility of handling their money. 

Kids Wealth is a really cool kit. It come with a workbook, stickers, and a calendar. The calendar was a big hit with Gracie. She loved it because she loves to keep track of our schedule. She is the one who keeps our chalkboard wall updated with all our activities. So now she has a calendar she can keep in her room. 

She has learned a lot from the Kids Wealth Kit. Most importantly she has learned that what she wants might not necessary be what she needs. 

kids wealth

This is definitely a product that I would recommend to others. I love the fact that it helped Gracie to create a budget that will allow her to see exactly where she is spending her money. It also makes her stop and think about whether she wants to spend her money on the item or whether she wants to saves her money. And most of the time she decides that she does not want to spend her money on that particular item. 

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She is learning to save her money and realizing that money doesn’t grow on trees. That is the one thing that my husband and I have strived to teach our girls. We have made sure that if our girls want something that they have to work for it. That is if it is a luxury item. 

Most of the friends of our girls have had things handed to them and they are not grateful for anything at all and they come to expect things to be handed to them without having to work for it. So once they enter the real world, they won’t know how to relate to anything! But we know our girls will survive because they are taught the value of money. And with Kids Wealth children can learn that and much more. 

So tell me what measures have you taken to teach your kids responsibility with money?

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